Monday, November 13, 2017

OPPO F5 Camera Review : First with A.I. Technology Beauty Recognition for More Natural Selfie Photos

One of the consumer needs of a smartphone camera is its ability to produce good selfie photos. Even now almost all smartphone vendors have embedded Beauty Mode feature in the front camera. The goal is none other than to increase the user's beauty or beauty so worthy spread in social media.

But the challenges faced, most of the features of Beauty Mode is just a refine the skin and give a little makeup on the face. The result, swafoto taken with Beauty Mode more often embarrassing than boast. Especially if the men who use it.

To produce a proud selfie photo for both men and women, OPPO brings F5 with AI technology. (Artificial Intelligence).
A.I. Technology Beauty Recognition

Replacing OPPO F3 launched about 6 months ago, OPPO has prepared F5 which has a similar approach but not the same. First, there are no two cameras on the front. Instead, OPPO F5 has a single front camera with A.I technology. Beauty Recognition.

Citing explanations from OPPO, this artificial intelligence technology will be able to scan 200 face points and recognize unique facial details such as nose, curve of the cheeks and chin shape to ensure the results are still natural swafoto. So the guy who berswafoto will not be like a werecat just for using Beauty mode when taking selfie photos.

Auto Beauty Mode

But the difference, Auto Beauty Mode will be able to determine the level of Beauty Mode settings so that the results remain natural. After a try, swafoto results do look more natural without having to bother to set the level of the inauguration manually.

Here's the swafoto using Auto Beauty Mode. For the record, the face of the model was spotty quite a lot and all successfully disguised by the front camera OPPO F5 automatically.

The normal selfie keeps okay

For those who do not like the use of Beauty Mode when taking selfie photos, OPPO F5 can still produce good selfie photos in various lighting conditions.

Swafoto results are excellent in the middle class. Skin color looks natural with a level of sharpness is quite okay, as in the following photos.

We are also satisfied with the performance of the front camera while taking selfie photos at night. With rough light conditions, OPPO F5 capable of producing selfie photos with good saturation. Sharpness is slightly decreased, but will not be visible if only displayed on the phone screen.

If you have to compare with the front camera OPPO F3, we prefer the image from the front camera OPPO F5. In addition to more natural results, exposure and color accuracy of the front camera OPPO F5 is also better.

The rear camera is surprising

Then does OPPO forget the rear camera sector? Fortunately not. Even from our test, the camera behind OPPO F5 is better than OPPO F3 Plus which is more expensive.

The rear camera OPPO F5 uses Sony IMX376 (1.27 inch) sensor with 16 megapixel resolution and lens with f / 1.8 diaphragm. When tested, the camera can find focus with haste and quite accurate for a camera phone. Even when shooting moving objects like the photo below.

OPPO F5 is also able to capture the small details very well, as in the following watch photos taken in the room.

OPPO F5 photo results have a high saturation and tend to warm. This is evident from the more mature orange and green color reproduction of most mobile cameras, as in the following example.

To capture close-ups or from close range, OPPO F5 is also reliable. Texture on the object can be captured nicely. While the effects of blur in the background or bokeh also quite interesting, although not using two-camera technology, as shown in the following photographs.

In the OPO F5 UI, you will find a 1x / 2x button. Apparently this is a shortcut to make the image enlargement aka 2x digital zoom. Although the digital zoom, the results are quite okay if the light conditions are still good.

Great for low light conditions

What we love about the OPPO F5 rear camera is its performance in low light conditions. From our tests, the images look sharp with saturated colors that are quite awake.

Just like OPPO F3, Expert Mode is available to set the shooting settings manually if needed. When compared with OPPO F3 Plus, F5 rear camera performance is still better in low light conditions.


It seems now very rare users who want a smartphone with a crappy camera. If the first high-quality mobile phone camera was only found in the ranks of high-end phones with exorbitant prices, now more and more middle-class smartphone with a good camera.

One of them is OPPO F5. In addition to feature front camera with A.I technology. which is interesting, the camera behind it can also produce very good photos.

When compared with OPPO F3 and OPPO F3 Plus, OPPO F5 camera is superior. So if you want to have a smartphone with a rear front camera that is just as good, as well as often taking selfie photos in various situations, OPPO F5 can be a good choice.

+ The selfie photo from the front camera is very good, with exposure and saturation of color is maintained
+ Performance camera rushing
+ The photos from the rear camera are very good in all light conditions
+ Noise is quite minimal in low light conditions

- The camera settings option is limited
- Video recording is not a priority
- A.I. Beauty Recognition does not always produce the desired selfie image
- The UI in Expert Mode is sometimes not very clear


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