Saturday, November 18, 2017

Recognize Significant Symptoms When Hardisk Starts Frailly Eaten Age

Not only humans can be fragile eaten age, but also the hard drive that is now installed on your Desktop PC. Age hard drive is usually not long, only about 2 years before the hard drive is completely dead alias can not be used again.

Even so, many computer users are not aware that his hard drive is on the verge of death. Most forget when the last time to buy a new hard drive, while others are not aware of the dying symptoms of a hard drive. And of course, hard drives that die of age means disaster for most people, especially when the data in it can not be saved.

Well, is your hard drive dying? You should start learning to recognize the symptoms of a dying hard drive, in order to take preventive action to save the data in it. What should be done by the owners of the hard drive?

1. Rescuing Data by Creating Back-ups

Before problems arise and encounter your hard drive, it's good you do the preventive action first. For example: back-up for all kinds of valuable data stored on the hard drive. It's a good thing to start backing up, but we recommend you do it now if it's not already done.

Some of the best back-up programs are out there. Most pay, but some others can be obtained for free. Software such as Pipemetrics Bvckup 2, Easeus Todo backup Free or Acronis True Image Premium are some of the names we recommend to be used to back up important data on the hard drive.

2. Recognizing Signs of Dying Hardisk

It is quite impossible for us to predict exactly when a hard drive will die. But there are some symptoms that can explain the incident before the death of the hard drive.

  • The file is corrupt

Corrupt files usually appear continuously. In addition, computer users will also see other signs such as the occurrence of "blue screen of death" that appears continuously. So if you often encounter problems, such as already feel save the document well, but the file is corrupt when it will be reopened, then it may be a sign of failure to work a hard drive.

  • Strange noise often appears

It's natural when the sound comes out when a computer is working, and most people recognize how the sounds emerge when a computer does a particular job. Although rare, but you should be suspicious if the sound "beep" out of the innards PC. This indicates there is something wrong with the hard drive embedded in it. Cuek with that voice and resume work will only make it worse.

  • Hard disk performance decreased

When the system suddenly starts working slowly, then this could be the first sign of the death of the hard drive. It can be a symptom of this kind does not mean anything, because it can be caused by other factors such as the number of software installed in the OS. But you should start wary of the possibility of dying hardisk when the PC system suddenly run very slowly.

3. Checking the hard drive with Diagnose Software

There are three possibilities that could be the explanatory factor regarding the dying hard drive. Here you also need to check the health of the hard drive with free diagnostic software. DiskCheckup released by Passmark Software provides the SMART (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology) feature that helps the hard disk owner detect any potential damage issues.

With these features, you can check the various attributes on the hard drive to see if the performance is still good or decreased. The program is free. And maybe you can check your hardisk brand and visit the official website. There, hard drive vendors usually provide free hard disk condition checker tool.


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