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Review .Hack // G.U. - Last Recode

When we talk about a theme of the story where the main karaker gets trapped and fights in an MMORPG world to solve problems that may be entrenched in the real world, most of you will probably immediately name Sword Art Online. The last name of this one is so popular with the fan base of fans anime spread all over the world. But for the more "older" generation that could live in the era of Playstation 2, the theme is not something new and different. In the hands of CyberConnect2, it has become part of the .Hack story that is divided into two big names - SIGN and G.U. They even managed to build not only the world, but also the type of gameplay that represents the theme well.

For gamers who had tasted it, especially for .Hack // GU, there is a special with this name in the golden era of Playstation 2. That is different from many JRPG games at that time that just finished just like that, .Hack broken down into three separate games each of which comes with titles, stories, conflicts, but remains rooted in the same line of story. A unique format built with enough memorable, especially considering its fun gameplay. For many years, especially after CyberConnect2 continues to issue Naruto series for the other Naruto series, gamers request the presence of the latest series back. Although not fully met, they answer it with a Remaster release with new content in it.

So what exactly is offered by .Hack // G.U - Last Recode on this one? Why do we call it a Remaster series that relies on nostalgia? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Just like any other game that makes MMORPG the base of the story, you will now dive into an RPG game called "The World" as a player named Haseo. Known as one of the most veteran performers, your motivation to dive into this world instantly changes and different when it finds that "The World" alone has captivated the friend he loves - Shino.

Killed in the game by a Player-Killer named "Tri-Edge", the effects of Shino's defeat at The World turn out not to be kidding. The case also makes players from Shino in the real world, falling into a coma and unconscious for no apparent reason. Haseo who struggled and tried to help eventually continue to plunge into The World, strengthening himself, with one major motivation - hunt and kill Tri-Edge itself. His popularity as a PKK aka "Player-Killer Killer" makes Haseo meet with many other interesting characters. One of them even promised him the identity of Tri-Edge itself. However, the threat does not just stop there.

A new mysterious threat named AIDA suddenly surfaced. In its strange form, this one anomaly is considered the reason why The World has "acted strangely" over the last few months. Through his struggle and fight against AIDA, Haseo has finally found himself as an Epitapth User - a new power that is touted as the only way to defeat AIDA. In the midst of this struggle, Haseo also met another character named - Atoli. A female character similar to Shino, but has a different stature. Through Atoli's support during his journey, Haseo manages to accomplish many great things.

So, what is AIDA? Who exactly is Tri-Edge? Can Haseo save Shino and make his players in the real world re-conscious? Threats like what else lurking his journey? All answers to this question you can get by playing .Hack // G.U. Last Recode this.

High Definition

Before you dream further and expect something more than a reality, it should be emphasized, that Last Recode is a Remaster project that takes the "classical" path. That's unlike what Activision does with Crash Bandicoot or Insomiac with Ratchet & Clank, it's not built from scratch using the latest engine. So what you find is a classic game with Playstation 2 visuals, but with a high definition texture and better framerate implementation. For a game that is aged 10 years, this kind of treatment does not necessarily make it look modern automatically.

Then what you find is a clear Remaster game, indeed a Remaster product. That is in front of you is a game that is old, but re-formulated with a sharper texture in the higher definition to show a clearer visualization. Unfortunately, no other significant changes. There is no addition of a better particle effect or just an implementation of a motion blur effect or the like that might make it look more modern. What you get does not seem much different from what you've ever remembered from .Hack // G.U. in your childhood / adolescence. Another visually significant change feels in sharper colors and attempts to adapt better shadows.

While from the other side of the presentation, quite consistent with what you know from the series Hack / / G.U so far. There is an opportunity to choose a language for those of you who are more interested in enjoying authentic flavors. But beyond that, what you get is indeed a game that already looks obsolete. Especially if we talk about the gameplay system and animation battle itself. For the 2007 era with the dominating Playstation 2, the dungeon-crawling .Hack system basically asks you to explore a dungeon and find the treasure in it to strengthen Haseo as a character or continue the story it sounds and looks fantastic. Yet there have been many innovations during the last 10 years he vacuum, and inevitably have to be recognized, making this game itself look no longer relevant at some point. That in the hands of gamers who have never tested .Hack // G.U. and trying to get in, he could end up being a bit repetitive and outdated. Especially with the animation attacks that do not change much.

But for gamers who are curious and entrust their time to dive in, they will meet a game that is to be recognized, it makes the story as one of the main attraction. Remaster version itself is also claimed to bring changes in the side of the gameplay, although it must be admitted, not too make it feels much different in our eyes that have not tested the original version for a long time. So, what exactly is the appeal? In our eyes, as a gamer who had enjoyed three series in the past, lies in the variety of new content that he presents.

Vol. 4 - Reconnection

For gamers who have tasted the series .Hack // G.U. in the past, one of the main attractions of the Last Recode series, of course, lies in the presence of a new episode - Volume 4 which is positioned as the supposed conclusion. Following the previous name - .Hack // SIGN also released as a tetralogy, Haseo's story never gets a clear conclusion, especially with regard to the fate of his relationship with his best friend - Ovan who played such an important role in the previous three series. Now, the answer to the mystery, finally answered through the release of Last Recode this.

More cool? The thumbs up deserves to be directed to CyberConnect2 who decides to create a menu to play each of these separate ending series. This means you can simply jump and play any volume just like that, without having to be in a particular sequence. No coercion for example, you must play Vol. 1 first, can just try out Vol.2. You may have stopped at one of the volumes when playing it on the PS2 of the past and want to proceed directly to the next volume in Last Recode version can do without problems. Fortunately, every time you start a new volume after Vol. 1, you will also be treated to a little recap story at the beginning so you can re-remember the last story of the previous volume. For gamers who have finished the last three volumes? The temptation of course lies in the fourth volume - Reconnection.

Positioned as a sequel and conclusion of the story. Hack // G.U. which should, you will return to play Haseo, three years after the third series event ends. With The World server being planned to be totally closed, Haseo understands that he will no longer have a chance to save Ovan - his best friend. The player who plays Ovan himself is still lying comatose in the real world, with his brother who keeps asking Haseo to save him. The search itself finds a bright spot after a mysterious character gives Ovan's location where it is locked behind an ice wall. With his full ability, Haseo could not solve it. The journey to find a way to save Ovan begins.

Vol 4. Reconnection Unfortunately, it seems to be designed for two things: to be a conclusion for gamers who are already waiting for it, and become the main attraction to sell Last Recode itself. Because if you have to dive, this fourth volume is actually not a "real .Hack game". Compared to the other three volumes, it is designed with limited features and is locked with the story as a pretext, carrying a short story, comes with a limited enemy design, has no depth of story with as cool conflicts as the previous three series, and still feels equally repetitive. That he is not more prepared to make the conclusion of the story as the end result. At least, you get CGI animation for a pretty epic cut-scene here.

One of the other charms he offers here is a new job for Haseo, called "5th form". This time it comes with a flexible sword, as well as a variety of new attack skill which of course, more deadly and more beautiful. For gamers who already have an emotional attachment to the figure of Haseo, seeing it grow stronger is a pretty satisfying scene, especially when he fights along with Ovan. But the bad news? 5th This form alone does not provide much space for you to use it freely. It ends up appearing in a story that is pushed at the end, allowing you the opportunity to use it for some time, and just disappear. It is quite unfortunate.

But interestingly, either this is a good or bad news, but you will get a fairly consistent visual approach to the fourth series - this Reconnection. Despite the fact that it is a new story chapter developed for Last Recode, CyberConnect2 decides to maintain a Remaster visualization feature similar to the other three volumes. On the one hand, it offers a more consistent experience, but on the other hand, ends up quite disappointing because we do not have the opportunity to see what happens if .Hack performs best with the current generation console performance.

So for gamers who have tested the Hack // G.U in the past and completed the three series, the attraction to buy a version of Remaster Last Recode is indeed located on the opportunity to enjoy this chapter that has not been there before. A super short story conclusion with repetitive content that may not be appealing on the gameplay side, but ends up injecting two exciting things that are hard to miss - a cover story that has been so anticipated and of course, the chance to re-enjoy Haseo's stronger figure.

What's New?

Of course, Vol 4 - Reconnection is not the only new content that you will get. CyberConnect2 and Bandai Namco seem to design clearly that this game will be aimed at facilitating the needs of two types of markets: gamers who have never played and missed .Hack // G.U. in the past and just want to jump in through this Remaster series, or for those who had time to menjajalnya, whether to finish or not. They facilitate both types of gamers quite well.

For gamers who have never tried it, similar treatment for the four series offered in this package does offer a consistent gaming experience. That you will find a coherent and complete story, from beginning to end, about the story of Haseo trying to save his friend Shino. But for gamers who had tasted the original series in the past, of course there are many considerations to buy this one game, in addition to Vol 4. - Reconnection itself. There are some new things injected to help you enjoy Last Recode better.

One that is presented is Cheat Mode. Unlike the usual mode, Cheat Mode is designed to help you who just want to enjoy the existing side of the story and not preoccupied with the battle that filled it, to enjoy the progress more smoothly. As the name suggests, Cheat Mode will automatically give you the maximum character status as well as the best range of weapons and equipment. With provisions like this, you'll be able to easily kill almost any enemy you encounter, mostly even with just one hit. This of course will make your progress run super fast if you want to pay attention, it is only side of the story only. But of course, this nullifies all the challenges.

One of the other new content on offer is "Parody Mode". Unfortunately, this mode is not an interactive mode that you can play actively. It ends no more than a cut-scene cut which is then blended with a super absurd and odd subtitle on it. As the name implies, the point is to make some scenes that should be serious and emotional, into something that is eccentric and provoking laughter. Although you do not understand Japanese for example to experience more authentic, English subtitle that he offers will still be able to understand, especially if you follow some trope of anime humor that seems to be the basis of this one mode.

Then these two "new" modes are one of the attractions of The Last Recode, outside of Vol. 4 and visualization with better gameplay framerate. Does it end up significant? You decide.


So, what can be drawn from .Hack // G.U. Last Recode this? Is it a product worth pursuing? For a game that makes Remaster a selling point, it does come with better visualization with high definition textures and framers that are more comfortable to play. But on the other hand, this approach does not necessarily make it feel modern. Approach story with gameplay system and animation that still stiff still still identity as a game Playstation 2. Beyond that all, the addition of Vol. 4, Parody Mode, or Cheat Mode for gamers who really want additional content is a special attraction, especially for you who had completed the first trilogy in the past. But in the end, this will be the best opportunity for you who have never or have ever played the old series, to re-enjoy the story of Haseo heroism.

But of course, that does not mean this game is perfect. There are some things that are worth to note, but the most significant of course lies in the gameplay system that still feels obsolete. The fact that CyberConnect2 does not do and adds a lot to the attack animation and combat system makes it feel like an RPG action game that is no longer relevant in today's gaming industry, especially if you've had time to enjoy cool RPG action games for at least the last three years. Content Vol. 4 which is so limited and short is also a separate note, especially for you who really want a more satisfying conclusion, with a complex story like the previous volumes.

In the end, we ourselves would recommend .Hack // G.U. Last Recode for two types of gamers: those who had tried it in the old series and wanted the conclusion of the final story or just curious about Haseo's story after often hearing the comparison of the series with Sword Art Online for example. But for this second group of gamers, there's one thing to keep in mind - that you find is a Remaster game of a game that was released for Playstation 2.


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