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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review : First Galaxy Note Series with Two Rear Cameras

If an Android user asked what smartphone to be his dream, probably most will answer Galaxy Note8. Yes, no wonder because Samsung brand new device that has just entered Indonesia is indeed offering a lot of advanced features and premium.

While in the eyes of the hard-line fans of the Note series, the Galaxy Note8 is Samsung's 'penance' that made them wait a long time (about 2 years) due to the Galaxy Note 7 years incident.

So naturally if the Galaxy Note8 look up. One of them by making it as Samsung's first smartphone that has two rear cameras. Features that are not even in their other premium duo, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. In addition, Samsung also continues to improve the function of S Pen which became the iconic feature of the Galaxy Note series.

But it must be remembered, all the sophistication provided Galaxy Note8 make it to be redeemed with funds high enough, as well as become the most expensive notebook series ever released Samsung. As to whether the sophistication of smartphones that sell for 13 million rupiah? Read our reviews below to the end.

Elongated design with bigger screen

For you who diligently follow the information about Samsung smartphones must be immediately familiar when viewing the design Note8 Galaxy. Yes, Samsung is still relying on the same design DNA as the Galaxy S8 duo. Even many who say, Galaxy Note8 like Galaxy S8 +, only with a slightly larger screen.

Infinity Display screen that almost meet the entire body of the phone is still the main scene on the front. Although the size reaches 6.3 inches, the frame is super thin with a curved screen on the left and right to make the body dimension is not directly swell.

The result, Galaxy Note8 still comfortable to operate with one hand. But just like his brother, the decision to make the design more elongated in our opinion makes this smartphone difficult to put into any pocket pants. It would be more appropriate if you carry it or put it in a bag.

For the material, Note8 using glass layer Gorilla Glass 5 in front and rear, while the body frame using materials from metal. At the rear, there is a dual-camera that is adjacent to the fingerprint sensor. The position of this fingerprint sensor in our opinion is still a minus value (same as duo Galaxy S8) because it is difficult to reach. In practice, we quite often wrong touch and even soiling the camera lens.

Then where is the S Pen? His position is at the bottom. Samsung re-use the spring method to make it easier for you to remove this pen. Simply pressed, S Pen automatically exits. So also when saving it. So no need to worry that the position of S-Pen will be reversed and snagged.

Just like the Galaxy S8 duo, Galaxy Note8 has a dedicated button to access Bixby, which is often accidentally squashed. The good news for those who have premium headphones, Galaxy Note8 still provides 3.5mm audio jack port!

Overall, this waterproof device with IP68 certification is a very charming smartphone. Nice to hold, although on the left and right there is a curved screen. To be more stable in the hand and minimize the possibility of slipping, you can install a clear case that is included in the sales package.

Large canvas that support HDR display

Galaxy Note Series is always known for its extra-sized screen. In Galaxy Note8, Samsung incorporates a 6.3-inch screen with Infinity Display technology. This makes it as Samsung smartphone with the largest screen as well as the first Note series with Ininity Display technology. As a result, you get a big 'canvas' to pour creativity more freely.

Just like the Galaxy S8, users can choose the resolution of the Super AMOLED screen Note8. Available options include HD + (1480 x 720 pixels), FHD + (2220 x 1080 pixels), up to WQHD + (2960 x 1440 pixels). By default, the screen resolution setting will be in FHD +.

The quality of the screen is unquestionable. The display is very sharp with pixel density reaching 522 ppi (pixels per inch). Characteristics of Super AMOLED also still maintained the vivid color reproduction as well as striking, balanced by high contrast and black color is concentrated. The brightness of the screen was so high that we found no problem using it under the sun.

Other plus value, Galaxy Note8 screen already has a mobile HDR certification. That is, you can play content with true HDR format to the maximum to enjoy the color accuracy and contrast is much better. If you are confused about how to get HDR content, you can try Netflix.

Note8 new screen is also carrying a new aspect ratio, which is 18.5: 9. For now, most video content still adheres to a 16: 9 ratio. This means the 16: 9 video content will be truncated with a black beam on the left and right (in landscape position). If you want the image to fill the screen, there will be a truncated part. But when tested, watching a video that fills the Infinity Display screen is a fun experience. Moreover Note8 already supports HDR video on YouTube.

What about Edge Screen? This feature is getting better. As far as we use it, we never activate the function by mistake. You can also set Edge Screen on Galaxy Note8 to speed up access to your favorite apps.

For audio affairs, Samsung immersed crystal clear and powerful speakers on the Galaxy Note8. Although still mono, the sound output from the speakers is sufficient to accompany you while watching movies or playing games. If less satisfied with the internal speakers, you can use AKG headset premium that is included in the sales package.

S Pen features are abundant

Samsung Galaxy Note8 adopt the Android operating system 7.1.1 Nougat. user interface and the experience it offers is more or less similar to the Galaxy S8. However, Samsung has embedded many features to maximize the S Pen functionality, in addition to its own pen which now has a tapered tip (0.7mm) and pressure sensitivity reaching 4096.

When first issuing S Pen, a menu for accessing features that support the pen instantly appears on the screen. Some of them may feel familiar to the Note fans, such as Create Note to start doodles, and Smart Select to crop certain parts of the screen.

The most recent feature you will encounter is Live Message. This feature works to record the process while you are writing, streaking, or drawing using S Pen. After that, it will convert it to a GIF format file. With Live Message, you can send creative GIF files to make conversations more fun.

There is also a Translate function, which according to its name can translate the writing on the screen. The way is easy enough. Just point S Pen to the word you want to translate, and the results will be instantly displayed. In addition, there is a function Magnify to change the function of S Pen into a magnifying glass, and Coloring for you who love to color the picture.

You can even make notes / memos when the screen is off. For example when you are thinking something and must be written so as not to forget, you just need to remove S Pen and can automatically write directly on the dark screen. More cool, the doodling activity using S Pen can also be done in the water!

About the quality of its own Pen S, we judge Samsung getting good at providing a more natural writing / drawing experience. The pen is able to adjust how much pressure we give when writing. It's a bit like writing with a real pencil.

Bixby is (still) not maximized

Samsung was considered very ambitious when first introducing their own virtual assistant, Bixby. In Galaxy Note8, you can use Bixby Voice to use voice commands when you want to open an app or browse information. But remember, Bixby can not speak Indonesian yet. So you have to give the command in English if you want to use it.

Another feature, Bixby Vision, is at least more functional. This feature can recognize the objects seen by the camera, then browse and display information related to the object. Although quite useful, this feature still requires a lot of improvements to attract users.

Complete security system

We always mention that the position of the Galaxy Note8 fingerprint sensor is rather strange. But that does not mean you have no other alternative to secure your device. Just like the Galaxy S8, Samsung still provides iris scanners that are able to detect the eye well and quickly under any circumstances, including while in a dark room. With a note, do not use glasses or contact lenses while staring at the iris scanner.

If you include users with glasses who do not want to bother always remove the glasses when you want to unlock the smartphone, you can take advantage of other security features such as Face Recognition (face detection), or a standard example pattern, password, and PIN.

Dual camera for cool photo

Just to remind again, Galaxy Note8 is Samsung's first smartphone that has dual rear camera. The configuration is a 12 megapixel sensor with a wide f / 1.7 lens and one other 12 megapixel sensor with f / 2.4 telephoto lens.

Interestingly, both cameras have Optical Image Stabilization feature in each camera unit. So far there is no dual camera smartphone with a configuration like this. Features O.I.S itself serves to stabilize the effects of shocks that impact on blurred images.

Galaxy rear camera double Note8 also equipped with Live Focus feature to create a blur effect on the background image. Later, the user can set the effect of the blur when will take pictures or when the photo is stored in the Gallery.

The availability of the mode is complete, from Pro to manual settings, Panorama, Slow Motion, Hyperlapse, Food, Virtual Shot, and much more that you can download. Fun again, this camera application is equipped with features Stickers (like the Galaxy S8) with a selection of abundant stickers that can be downloaded, to give the results of a funny photo.

Fast performance for all apps

Samsung still rely on SoC Exynos 8895 in the Indonesian market, this time accompanied by 6 GB of RAM. Internal memory starts from 64 GB and has a microSD slot which unfortunately must share the place with a second SIM-card (hybrid).

The above combinations clearly promise gahar performance for all needs, including for 3D gaming that demands heavy performance. During using it, we never feel disappointed with the performance provided by the Galaxy Note8. Very agile and powerful.

Some of the popular games we run, such as Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Middle Earth: Shadow of War, until PES 2017 appear seamlessly seamless. Through Game Launcher, you can change performance settings like Save Power to conserve battery life when playing games, up to High Performance for maximum power. You can also activate the 'No Alerts During Games' mode so as not to be disturbed by the notifications that appear on the screen.

The battery is enough for the everyday

When it first introduced the Galaxy Note7 last year, Samsung offered a capacity of 3500 mAh battery. But with a variety of considerations, although larger in size, Galaxy Note8 actually comes with a slightly smaller battery, which is 3300 mAh.

Whether the battery is sufficient or not, it all depends on your usage style. For us, the 3300 mAh battery is enough to make the Galaxy Note8 light up all day, or at least from morning to late afternoon (FHD + screen resolution).

In fact, we include fairly active users. Often browsing and chatting, sometimes watching videos on YouTube, sometimes making fun shots or notes with S Pen, and occasionally playing games. This means, although smaller, the performance of Galaxy Note8 battery remains satisfactory.

The charging process is also fast. From battery conditions below 10 percent, it only takes about 80-90 minutes to reach the full 100 percent. Of course, you must use the default charger in the sales package.


The Galaxy Note8 slogan, 'Do Bigger Things', was very impressive when we tried to use it. Yes, with this smartphone, you can do things far greater than can be facilitated by other smartphones, especially in terms of creativity and productivity. But with the record, you must also be ready to spend more in the same as this is the most expensive Note series from Samsung.

It was not excessive if we judge the Galaxy Note8 as one of the best and most complete smartphone on the market today. In fact, more complete and more seductive than his brother, Galaxy S8 + that we have previously reviewed.

In essence, Samsung managed to make up for the failure of their Galaxy Note 7 last year at the same time to cure the disappointment of the Note series fans who still remain loyal and willing to wait long for the Galaxy Note8.


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