Monday, November 6, 2017

Samsung Prepare SSD 850 "Plain" and 860 EVO?

Samsung is not only known as a manufacturer who diligent in presenting only electronic products such as LED televisions, smartphones and so forth. World-renowned electronics company is also known for its innovation in presenting NAND flash-based storage devices, namely SSD.

In the line of Samsung SSDs with 2.5 "form factor, Samsung has a collection of 750 EVO, 850 EVO and PRO series. But towards the end of this year, Samsung was preparing a collection of 2.5 "new SSD, among other 850 series and 860 EVO.

Based on the information we quote from Toms Hardware, for the 850 series it seems that Samsung does not include EVO or PRO names. When viewed from the photos of the Samsung SSD 850 is circulating in cyberspace, this SSD has a package that is not much different from other Samsung SATA SSD and has a capacity of 120GB.

For this Samsung 850 SSD variant, the manufacturer provides warranty guarantee for 3 years and claimed to have resilience up to 75 TBW (Terabyte Written). Not yet known for certain whether the 850 series "plain" is a new generation of entry-level SSD belongs to previous Samsung, which is 750 EVO. Samsung party until now has not given clarification related to some photos of this Samsung 850 SSD is outstanding.

In addition to the distribution of SSD ferrets Samsung 850, other news spread that Samsung is also preparing the latest generation of this SSD series, the 860 EVO. There is no news in detail about this Samsung 860 EVO SSD but reportedly this SSD variant will be available in five capacity options, ranging from 256GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB and 4TB. Most likely, both of these Samsung SSDs will be announced in the near future or maybe also early 2018.


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