Sunday, November 12, 2017

SAW Vainglory Guide : Make Your Enemy Fearing You!

SAW is a hero range carry in Vainglory that is very powerful because it has the ability to speed up attacks every time he attacks using basic attack. The effect of passive capability named Spin Up can increase the speed of SAW attack up to 300%! But as the attack speed increases, SAW's speed goes down. But this can be overcome with other capabilities of Roadie Run.

If used properly and using the right item, SAW will be a very lethal carry. This time I will give SAW guide about build WP carry. Immediately, the following items will be used by hero SAW build WP carry.


With the already high attack speed on the SAW hero, you only need items that add a lot of weapon power. This Sorrowblade item is a very high weapon power enhancer item. With this item, hero SAW will be able to produce very high damage to his enemies. In addition, this item will help you to push lane and at the same time destroys the enemy tower.

Halcyon Chargers

SAW is a hero that does not require high running speed, because his passive ability forces him to not walk but attack at high speed. Then the shoe item that suits her is not Journey Boots, but Halcyon Chargers. This item can add energy regen which is quite useful for hero SAW.

Tyrant's Monocle

It adds weapon power while adding critical chance and critical damage. I suggest to buy 2 Tyrant's Monocle, one to be the third item and another to be your last item. With these two items, you will be able to generate 90% critical damage!

Defense Item

Defense item suitable for hero SAW is a defense item that can ward off or deflect enemy hero ability. Defense matching items are like Aegis and Crucible. But if no enemies have build CP then you can replace defense items like Metal Jacket or Atlas Pauldron.


Item is very suitable for use by hero SAW, because it has a high attack speed. The sooner you attack, the faster you can destroy the armor of your enemies. For the purchase order of this item, you can replace it with your second Tyrant's Monocle. Depending on the build items of the enemy, if they have high armor, you should buy the Bonesaw item first. If not, then you can buy Tyrant's Monocle first instead of the Bonesaw item.


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