Saturday, November 11, 2017

Skaarf Item Guide Vainglory : Death from Deadly Deadly Dragon

The game world returns with the Vainglory guide, and this time it's the turn of the items that can make Skaarf more dangerous

Skaarf is a free hero that you get when you first play Vainglory. He is a small dragon-shaped character who can spray fire from his mouth. Although small, he can not be underestimated. Its ability to produce very high damage, especially with the use of the right item and correct. Therefore, this time I will give guide to hero Skaarf about the use of the right items for her. The following items are suitable for use by Skaarf hero.

Eve of Harvest

The first item and arguably a must-have item to be purchased by Skaarf hero. All its capabilities are crystal damage, so you are strongly advised to buy this one item. You can restore your critical HP to full again just by using a combo of the abilities possessed by the Skaarf hero.

Defense Item

The Defense item suitable for use by Skaarf hero is Fountain of Renewal. With this item, you can restore your team members to be able to last longer during the battle against the opposing team. I'm sure with the use of this item on the Skaarf hero, it will increase your winning percentage against the enemy team.

You can buy one more defense item if needed. Moreover, there are enemies who have a high damage burst type crystal damage like Koshka on the enemy team. Other defense items suitable for use by Skaarf hero are Aegis or Crucible. If you do not need any other defense items, then you can swap the defense items with other damage items such as Broken Myth. Both of these items can be purchased as the last item of the Skaarf hero.


One more important item for heroes like Skaarf. With this item, you will be able to further slow down your enemies. All your skills can trigger the slow effects of this Frostburn item, therefore, this item is perfect for use by Skaarf heroes. You can buy this item as a third item after purchasing Eve of Harvest and Fountain of Renewal items.

Journey Boots

Shoe items that are very suitable for heroes such as Skaarf are Journey Boots. This is because Journey Boots have the lowest cooldown of all the shoes in the Vainglory game. Therefore, you can run more often and you can use to chase the enemy, escape, or also position yourself in the war with the opposing team.


The only item that adds most crystal power to the Vainglory game. With this item, Skaarf will be able to produce higher damage crystal again. Suitable you buy after buying the items above.

Those are the items that Skaarf will use as a damager on your team, good luck!


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