Sunday, November 12, 2017

Skye Item Guide Vainglory : Powerful and Deadly Mobile Hero

Let's see what items are ideal for Skye to fight. Listen game world this time for you Skye users.

Skye is a hero in Vainglory which is quite difficult to play. But if you are used to and can control all his abilities, he will be very deadly. Skye can kill off enemy HP very quickly by comboing all of its capabilities. The commonly used combo sequences are Death From Above, Forward Barrage, Suri Srike, then issue a Forward Barrage again.

This time I will share Skye CP build. With the CP build, Skye will be able to generate extraordinarily high damage with all its capabilities. It makes Skye easy and quick to kill enemies through his skill combo when fighting. In addition, I think build CP is a better build than WP build on Skye hero.

To find out what build item will be used by hero Skye, just see the six items below.


Skye can you put on the jungle, because he can finish off the forest creep very quickly using the ability of the Forward Barrage. With the Shatterglass item, you can kill the forest creep more quickly using the Forward Barrage. It would be nice to buy at the beginning of the game.

Broken Myth

Skye has a pretty good mobility, because it has the ability named Suri Strike. The ability can be used to avoid while attacking the enemy. If played correctly, it will be hard to catch and killed by enemies. Therefore, the suitable item to use is Broken Myth. Because this item will get stronger if you can last longer when the battle is in progress.

Halcyon Chargers

This shoe is perfect for use by Skye, because it has a cooldown status and regenerative energy.

Eve of Harvest

This item will help you to recover HP when doing Skye's skill. As I said above, you can generate extraordinarily high damage as a Skye build CP hero. The higher the damage you generate, the higher you will also absorb HP. Therefore, Eve of Harvest is an item you should have as a Skye build CP hero.

Defense Item

As usual, defense items can be customized to build enemies. If the enemy has a lot of CP builds, you can buy items like Aegis or Crucible. But if the enemy has many WP build heroes, you can buy items like Metal Jacket or Atlas Pauldron. You can fill in the last two slots to buy two defense items at once.


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