Monday, November 6, 2017

Star Citizen - The Futuristic City of Planet - ArcCorp

Star Citizen, there seems to be no new game as ambitious as Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) concoction project under the control of this one Chris Roberts. Starting from a game that wants to "simulate" the life and battle of outer space, it becomes a product that is now trying to make it appear as realistic as possible. Powered by Amazon-Lumberyard engine, Star Citizen continues to look stunning. A series of content released regularly for gamers who have entrusted their money continue to push the tide of optimism, although the product that has been developed for many years, still has no exact release date, even for single player mode - Squadron 42 though. And now, they come with even more amazing technology.

As in previous years, Cloud Imperium Games also hosts Citizen Con for this year. This event is intended to show what kind of progress they have achieved, as well as announce the direction of development and perhaps, some significant changes to talk about. For this year, they made a higlight demo with a town called ArcCorp. Seen like the world you see from the movie Blade Runner, CIG ensures that this futuristic city will be at least, planet Earth on a real scale.

just about anything, not all buildings on this planet will you be able to singgahi. CIG says there will be hubs at some point where you can land, find new missions, and deal with special situations. More cool? Landscape contains these buildings were also created from the generation process using their tool that looks like the process of putting a flag in the game Minesweeper. Once the developer has determined the location, the city will automatically be built from that choice. You can watch the whole presentation above. Presentation about ArcCorp and tools developed starting from 11th minute: 47.

Star Citizen itself still has no definite release date for the final version. One for sure, it still makes the PC the only release platform. Interested?


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