Monday, November 20, 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II Preview : Actually Fun!

Whether you're a gamer or not, whether you're a fan or not, or whether you're familiar with the franchise he's holding or really layman, it's impossible to never hear Star Wars Battlefront II's name from EA and DICE after what happened over the past week this. Whereas in the beginning, the anticipation for him is so strong with the hype that has so positive connotations. DICE promises so much change and improvement compared to the first series, especially from the number of units, maps, to the overall content. They will not even sell Season Pass on behalf of not wanting to "share" the community. But who would have thought that all those positive things turned 180 degrees when the release time got closer. Something ultimately, the chance we jajal directly!

First impression

A bit disappointing and sad indeed to find the fact that the release of Star Wars Battlefront II that should be greeted happily ends up being a discussion room about the lootbox, grinding, and mechanical design of Pay to Win which unfortunately, all have negative connotations. Yet on the surface, almost all the promises of EA and DICE are met here. Coming with Frostbite Engine-based visualization quality that never fails to fascinate, the presence of single player mode offers a new story perspective that is even closely related to The Force Awaken and The Last Jedi on the big screen. The design for multiplayer maps also ends up fantastically and spoils the eye, with an exciting gameplay sensation. It's not perfect especially because some strange design options, like the Squad system for example, but enough for you who often play solo to ignore it.

But what happened over the past week? No one is present with proper praise to be directed to this second series, as a video game. Because it must be admitted, the EA greed to lock more profits through the system lootbox and microtransactions that exist are making some major designs questioned.

Progressing characters and classes that are locked behind boxes whose contents are random make rewards seem inconsistent, especially considering it needs a prolonged grinding process. Although at the time of preview articles, microtransactions have been turned off and the concern Pay to Win "dead while", but the concept is believe it or not, still exist. Why? Because gamers who purchase Deluxe Edition versions for example, which in fact are more expensive than the Standard Edition version, will get Lootbox and Star Cards (buff for characters / heroes) that will reinforce your performance right in the battle. As an example? One of them makes the Shield class "Heavy" up 50% compared to those who did not buy Deluxe Edition.

It's sad that for a multiplayer game in our eyes, it actually contains the potential to appear addictive and fun, blended with the wrong and messy motivations. And if we only talk about the sensation of playing, fighting against enemies in large-scale war on an iconic map that is designed interesting, is a wet dream for Star Wars fans. The sensation of using the now more diverse Hero characters, from Rey, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Darth Maul, Yoda, to Leia even leads to a more essential fighting role, but on the other hand, remains fragile to force you to play with a little level of strategy there . Other modes - Starfighter Assault which contains the battle of outer space, is also no less exciting.

We ourselves have actually completed the single player mode and played multiplayer mode in quite a portion, to be able to encourage direct review articles. But like the routine in general, we decided to wait at least another week, like the usual JagatPlay review. This time, however, the reason is not that we have not completed or earned a proper play experience, but rather to provide "extra" time for EA to explain and describe what the future of the Star Wars Battlefront II lootbox itself is like. As we all know, EA has confirmed that microtransactions will return in the future, without further detail. The presence or absence of any explanation and what kind of "future" microtransactions will determine what the content of the reviews we write will be.

So, while waiting for a more proportional time to review, let us throw a load of fresh screenshots from this oven to help you get a little idea of ​​what Star Wars Battlefront II is about. If only, they did not force themselves to be greedy here ...


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