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Super Mario Odyssey Review : A Magical Experience!

Mario is the icon of the game industry, whether you admit it or not. That the popularity of the franchise that has existed for more than 30 years has indeed penetrated the wall of the game industry itself. You can ask any ordinary person who has never tasted video games at all, and you may have the chance to get an answer that they have at least heard the name "Super Mario" before. All you have to do is to explain the figure of a fat little Italian man with red clothes and a hat with a thick mustache, and most of them will understand who you are talking about. Nintendo as the owner of the franchise also seems to understand who it is Mario and how to handle every new series they racik. Including the latest series - Super Mario Odyssey.

You who had read our preview article before seemed to already understand what kind of attraction he has to offer. For an "old" franchise, Nintendo refuses to let it go obsolete. Through the Odyssey, they mix a semi open-world concept that focuses on one thing - exploration. Mario is also now supported with a new capability - that is, it encompasses a variety of supporting objects and characters to not only simplify the journey but also complete the variety of puzzles available. This is a gaming experience that is quite unique for a game that already exist for so long. An old reject game.

So, what is actually offered by this Super Mario Odyssey? Why do we call it a magical experience? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


What can you expect from a Mario story? It does not seem to be much, because as you can predict, the plumber with this tantalizing mustache will have to play its main role - rescuing the retreated Princess Peach and taken hostage by Bowser.

But no longer just being kidnapped, Bowser brings its level to a higher level. That he now intends to have a wedding with Peach in a location away from Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser also does not play games, with already preparing from the decor, organizing committee, to the location of the existing venue, complete with extra costumes for himself and Peach - the prospective bride. It was a bit tiring to see Peach again end up being a Damsel in Distress character, but a little relieved to see Mario never wanting to lose his beloved Queen of this one. Of course, the journey to save him begins.

But Peach is not the only one kidnapped by Bowser. The queen of the Queen she was wearing - Tiara of course inevitably, must be faithful to follow Peach. The spoken crown is also carried along and forced to live the "bad" destiny that is happening to Peach. Fortunately, do not stay silent, another life hat named Cappy - finally decided to save the lover from Bowser. He decided to collaborate with Mario and give him a new capability that is no longer just centered on jumping and spinning. Using a new air balloon called the Odyssey, they chase the Bowser airplane.

So, what kind of challenges must be faced by Mario and Cappy? Can they save Peach and Tiara? Who will block your action? You must of course play Super Mario Odyssey to get answers to these questions.

Multiple Worlds, Various Challenges

Nintendo Switch is not the strongest console on the market today. But with all the limitations that he has, Nintendo is still able to consistently ensure that you will still be able to enjoy the existing presentation, from the visual side to the existing audio. A similar thing happened with Super Mario Odyssey. His "cartoon" style approach can not be juxtaposed with realism in game releases on other platforms, but for a game that carries Mario's name in it, this is an approach that can no longer be more precise. Because in the end, Mario is always about the sensation of adventure that makes you as if back to childhood. And this is also offered by Super Mario Odyssey.

In the process of rescuing Peach who keeps flying at high speed on board Bowser's ship, you will inevitably be asked to drop in some worlds along the way. Of course to look for Moon - a small crescent-shaped item that is essential as fuel for the Odyssey - Mario and Chappy air balloons. So you find is a variety of Kingdoms outside the kingdom Mushroom Kingdom which has always been the center of the story for Mario itself. You will have an adventure in a wilderness that has experienced a cold phase for one reason, a futuristic city with humans in it, a place with lava flowing down, to a jungle with the life of a unique creature inside. Each of them will present a different atmosphere.

From the visual and technical side, Super Mario Odyssey still looks dazzling for a console with limited performance. They keep inserting small details that are enough to make your heart touched and laughed, while keeping some other effects sufficient to make you quite amazed. Even to say, the details are things that make Super Mario Odyssey so easy to make you fall in love. From the fact that you can play with dogs in some worlds by throwing in existing hats, Mario will automatically sit if he is standing on a chair, until the effects of the body are wet when the rain hit some of the world. Mario reacts actively to what is happening around him and produces details that deserve thumbs up. On it, you will meet a world design that feels so magical at the same time.

One presentation that is difficult to separate from modern Mario games and remain a phenomenal content in Super Mario Odyssey is the music that is injected in it. This latest Nintendo Switch game even has its own original OST - Jump Up, Super Star! which will make your body shake. Music familiar with this new composition will also be encountered at some point of the game, including original music that is now played by a band in Metro Kingdom. The behind-the-scenes music will also make your experience even more exciting and enjoyable. There is a lot of joyful music ready to make your body sway while continuing to control Mario.

But again, the presentation is just one small part of the fantastic thing offered by Super Mario Odyssey. Because in the end, the main attraction lies in the gameplay innovation that he offers.


One fantastic thing about Super Mario Odyssey is the fact that the main genre is not platforming. Okay, just like Mario games in general, you'll be going through many platforming processes to move to the next area, but when it comes to genre - this is the same semi-open-world game as Mario series in the past like Mario 64 or Sunshine, focusing on encouraging you to do one thing - exploration. Without a clear clue, without a clear main mission, your primary mission is just one - filling the Odyssey with the months you can gather in every existing world and ending up Bowser at the end, and of course, saving Peach. No more missions.

But the gameplay design will not be like most modern games that will instantly give you the obvious location of each Moon. The preoccupation of Super Mario Odyssey is finding and finding each of them. In the beginning, he is an essential resource to be able to move the story. But along with the progress that is, this search process becomes one of the main driving force to get you back and back, something we'll talk about later. Believe it or not, Super Mario Odyssey's core is as simple as this. And the formula works.

Why did it work? Because the existing search process is not like an open-world gaming concept with a low-side mission system, where you can hit an icon and get the exact coordinates to where you need to move. Every Moon is hidden neatly. There's always a challenge to get it, from "just" the platforming process, solving the puzzle, defeating the boss, until just finding it hidden in corners you do not know. Interesting again? This search process never ends boring.

This uninspiring feeling arises from two main reasons in our eyes: the design of the level and the kind of challenge you must solve to get it. For the first, as happened with Breath of the Wild, the design of every Super Mario Odyssey world level will always give at least one exciting new Moon to pursue. At a glance, through a little observation, you can always see a light in the ground, an unusual beast that shines, a high place that is too strange not to be explored, until clue is clear - Moon is plastered for you to pursue. The result is a gaming experience that never had a low point. Once you finish getting a Moon, then the next Moon will be waiting for you.

The variety of challenges that need to be solved to get each Moon is also fascinating. It comes with varying degrees of difficulty and complexity indeed. There is a Moon that you can get easily by just hitting a land with movement, there is a Moon that is stored in a glowing bird that only you need to touch with a little action motion, there is a Moon that requires you to compete with AI like a race, until Moon just ask You skip the rope up to a certain amount to win. But on the other hand, there is Moon who needs you to beat the boss to do the platforming process that does not give a chance to fail. This variation makes each Moon feel new, refreshing, and challenging. Produce a sensation of gameplay that deserves to thumbs up. Especially at some point, the exploration process sometimes takes you back in the old 2D Mario format complete with music that turns into 8 bits anyway.

More cool? Each world is also filled with two types of resources: a typical Gold Coin Mario and a purple other currency. Gold Coin plays an important role as the main currency here. It is also the foundation for a respawn system that is no longer based on the number of lives, but a mechanism similar to what Dark Souls does. That's right, you'll sacrifice a small amount of your Gold Coin to respawn to make it impossible to get into the Game Over screen considering how easy it is to get this one resource. While the purple resource is a super limited number used to shop a variety of items, clothing, to knick-knacks for Mario in Odyssey and can only be used in a world where he just beasal. Clothes modification is one of the attractions of Super Mario Odyssey because of the opportunity to make Mario appear more cute and adorable. Not only that, some missions with Moon prizes also usually require you to wear certain clothes to be taken.

Then you find is a world design that is even more dense "content" than the previous one. That no longer just ensures you always have at least one Moon chased after you successfully complete a challenge, you are now also dealing with Gold Coins and Purple Coins scattered in the corners you visit. Given this resource, especially for Purple Coins often ends with the opportunity to get unique and interesting costumes for Mario, your brain will automatically instantly position it as an important resource to pursue, even as important as Moon. This never-boring world is getting boring with more activities you can do, all with an observation.

By focusing on the experience of sensations such as adventure, Nintendo managed to mix a fantastic world concept. There are no clear guidelines, no indicator to where to go, but make sure anything you do will culminate with a separate reward, from Purple Coins to Moon. It encourages you to keep moving your feet and dare to move to many areas that even, it is impossible to visit.


The fantastic world design with this exploration dot is also reinforced with a new mechanic that seems difficult to not talk about. True, since its introduction a few months before its release, Nintendo finally credited Cappy's ability to be able to penetrate and keep you in control of various objects, enemies, and NPCs. Everything is designed to help your adventure. Looks interesting in the trailer, this implementation is even more fantastic again in the final result.

Slowly but surely, your brain will adjust to this new mechanic. That there is always the challenge of applying Moon or Purple Coins that will be easier or even, can only be achieved if you think of what object, enemy, or NPC you should enter by using Cappy's hat. The process itself is simple. You just have to throw this hat to the enemy you want to master. The design of his own enemy is enough to give clear clue about what you can / can not enter. If the enemy has a hair style / sharp head shape, then he is usually the enemy that you have to completely eliminate outside the boss. If the enemy has their own helmet / cap / head cover, then you should attack them at least once before you can master them in total. While all enemies / NPCs that do not have a head cover, usually end up you can enter.

Changing the mindset to make enemies / NPCs that you can enter as solutions to some of the existing problems is essentially counted. Which are interesting? There are so many types of enemies / NPCs that you can enter, each of which will produce different effects. Instead of a Bullet Bill - a rocket bullet that will certainly allow you to fly and go horizontally to get to a place faster, a new crop that allows you to extend your legs to reach higher ground, to just a fireball you really have to master for swim over lava seas safely without damage, for example. There are so many variations, so many functions, and so many solutions they can offer to make your Moon count ever increasing. There are many moments of this hiccup that can end up hilarious, like the chance to compose Goomba in stages with an irrational amount eg, just to make a Goomba woman fall in love and end up giving the Moon he keeps for you. Or just look for Capt. Toad is hidden for extra free Moon, with their distinctive soundtrack as well.

Although the ability to enter this so highlights for Super Mario Odyssey, but he is not the only ability that you can do with Mario this time. The hat also opens up a potential for a variety of impossible jump-motion maneuvers that will enable you to reach further or further, as long as your hands are nimble. True, Mario is now reinforced with a myriad of jump animations and attacks that can be combined, including with Cappy, to achieve that effect. On the internet for example, you can find fantastic jump combinations that will even demand faster hand gestures and precision from fighting games though. Trying to master this will make your trip easier, especially with the fact that Nintendo is also usually set up some tempting rewards in places that you should not have achieved.

It remains to be admitted, however, that the merging system using this Cappy hat has certain limitations. He does look cute and funny because each of them will instantly show Mario's physical form on their body with a thick mustache for example, but clearly this system is linearly counted. Nintendo will not automatically for example, throw all types of objects / enemies / NPCs that you can master just like that at a single point game and let you experiment roughly what you can do with it to reach for the Moon. Once you find a new enemy species that can be penetrated or simply rediscover a specific variant in one place, your brain will automatically conclude that there is indeed a puzzle / Moon to be achieved with it. There is no experiment process here.

But beyond these shortcomings, Cappy's ability is indeed to produce a Super Mario sensation that managed to keep refreshing regardless of age that is so old as a franchise.


How much time can you spend with Super Mario Odyssey? That may be your question. To simply complete the existing story, the process that needs to be taken not so long, following the groove of adventure games in general. But interestingly, completing the story by simply saving Peach from Bowser just is not the end of everything. For Super Mario Odyssey, Peach rescue is indeed ending the main line of the story to be carried but far from existing gameplay. You can even call it the beginning of new and extra challenges.

Remember, believe it or not, Nintendo provides about 800 pieces of Moon scattered around the world that you can visit in Super Mario Odyssey. They decided not to let you straight away attempt to collect it. As a replacement? They separate it into two large separate categories: Pre-Story and Post-Story (at least according to the terms we use). Pre-Story refers to all the Moon you can get before you finish the existing story, while Post-Story happens after you finish the available story. For the post-story, you will be faced with new challenges that will require you to experience the true sensation of the Super Mario Odyssey adventure. More new moons, challenges with higher difficulty levels, up to a whole new crazy costume that you can "pursue".

With it, you can get extra tens to tens of hours of game. In this Post-Game, you can do many new things. From trailing Peach's holiday with Tiara, to destroying a metal box in every world to open dozens of new challenges with new Moon prizes. Interesting again? Many of these emerging challenges are never available before you complete an existing story. Instead of catching the super-fast rabbits, explore the new Moon-moon that appears in various places, defeating the new boss, into a new variant pipe inside which contains such a difficult platforming that you can end up grabbing your own hair because of the frustration that exists. For this last thing, we are not trying to hyperbole. Because these new platforming sessions will be present without a checkpoint system that requires you to succeed or start things back from scratch.

So, what's this new Post-Game goal? It turns out your final battle against Bowser in the last location is just a "shred" of mystery that you can uncover. You need more Moon to strengthen the Odyssey so he can visit new places that are of course dangerous. The point? Go back to the world you had previously explored and was as effective as possible looking for the newly emerging Moon-Moon. Cool? You can see that these worlds are different from the world you visited before. Some places now have new places to enter, with different character interactions, to variants of people who now seem to visit each other from one place to another in peaceful situations. Super cool!

So with additional content that even pushes your exploration process to the next level with this more difficult challenge, Super Mario Odyssey is ready to make sure your gameplay time lasts longer than you expect. In fact, with all the new clothes you can open and buy with as many Moon as you get, it's impossible not to be tempted to continue falling in love and getting caught up with this one game.


Super Mario Odyssey is an experience so magical in our eyes. That for a franchise that has been so "elderly", Nintendo again showed his remarkable touch. They are not only able to offer something new and different through the mechanism of possessing objects / enemies to help Mario overcome the existing challenges, but also provide plenty of space that needs to be mastered through complex maneuvering and combination systems. With a world of design that is so unique and rich, you will never even feel bored with what you get and meet here. Nintendo is even sensitive enough to add online elements to some activities that do have a competitive aura to see how well gamers around the world perform for the same mission. Everything is combined with solid content containing that never fails to make you challenged. Those of you who want to take many of Mario's adorable moments can also take advantage of the Photo Mode features available.

Though it's hard enough to pick up the shortcomings of this almost ephemeral game, we seem to have to complain about the fact that Nintendo seems to "impose" motion control to allow you to access the different types of moves that Mario can take. Specific movements such as throwing a hat up vertically for example, can only be accessed by using Joy-Con motion control without any alternate switching altogether. So, what's the problem? Two things: first, there are gamers like us who are not too happy with motion control continue to make mistakes because the hands are actively moving without the intention to execute a particular attack animation. Second? Make it not conducive to play in handheld format, considering you have to end up shaking your product to do so.

But regardless of these shortcomings, Super Mario Odyssey is a combination of elements in a solid and sweet format by Nintendo. He was adorable, he challenged, he never left the impression bored, and he ended up being one of the best games we tasted in the year 2017. Super Mario Odyssey increasingly solidified the release of the Nintendo Switch game in its first year of existence.


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