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Taiko No Tatsujin Review – Drum Session : Swam Joy!

How many of you have heard of Taiko's name before? Compared to hundreds of AAA games scattered on the market today, its name will certainly never get centered attention if you are not familiar from the beginning. But for gamers who had been active in arcade machines, including Indonesia though, seems to be no stranger to this one name. True, Taiko no Tatsujin is a rhythm-based "Drum / drum" game that had appeared on the Arcade machine. The point itself is similar to most rhythmic games that require you to hit the drum in various dots according to the beat that is required. Arcade experience now available on Playstation 4.

Beneath the giant Bandai Namco flag that actively continues to bring and promote this one game in a variety of existing gaming events, even on E3 and TGS though, the Playstation 4 gets Taiko no Tatsujin. After a long wait, he was available on the market. You can get it as a standalone game that gives you space to enjoy it through DualShock 4. But on the other hand, Bandai Namco also distributes a separate drum-shaped separate controller definitive way to enjoy this one rhythmic game. We happened to get this last version.

So, what is offered by Taiko no Tatsuji itself? Why do we call it a happy-to-play game? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.

Rhythmic with Customization

Taiko No Tatsujin is a rhythmic game. For those of you who are not too familiar with this genre, you can call it a game that makes a tap in a specific song / rhythm as the foundation of gameplay. The point is to press the button that appears on the screen exactly, according to the existing song. Each song will offer its own challenges through song speed, dempetnya beats, and variations that usually require you to execute various actions in fast motion. Those of you who start enjoying them in the latest games may find the same concept in Hatsune Miku's Project Diva game for example. Or you are more "old" will enjoy it in games like Bust a Groove or the classic - Dance Dance Revolution.

So this is also offered by Taiko No Tatsujin. Variations of challenges distributed through existing difficulty levels will be ready to offer challenges for eye and hand coordination. At a low difficulty level, a tap runs spaced from one point to another with only at least two or three key combinations that you need to execute. But along with the increasing level of difficulty that exists, then the speed and density will serve you. The main purpose? Of course complete the song by reaching the required number of scores. The more combo you achieve than the ability to squeeze every knock correctly, the higher your chances of conquering it.

The rest? Of course enjoy playing the popular songs they choose, without having to open each of them first through a series of achievement process and the like. Some of the songs will come with "opponents" for you to subdue, the battle should be against the boss you have to win, and he came from many cool franchises that you never predicted before. You can fight against Hatsune Miku, Doraemon, Hello Kitty, up to Heihachi from Tekken though. If you win, then you will get a cosmetic reward.

Even this cosmetic reward can be regarded as one of the "charms" that may encourage you to continue to taste Taiko No Tatsujin. Through your victory, you will get an in-game resource that can be redeemed with some sort of box system that will contain a random array of items. Through it, you can modify the look of drum characters that accompany you quite freely, from just changing colors, giving companion characters, to even - adding wigs of iconic characters that you defeat for it.

Given the songs he offers, the long-term experience is more geared towards the available online competitive modes. Together with him, you can compete against other players in a standard format format of course standard - where more wins will bring you higher levels and meet the same opponents who have the same experience, and vice versa. Songs that are competed during the online match process are also random, so there is no advantage for each party involved in it. Simple process with strong competitive aura.

The rest? Having fun. If you are a perfectionist gamer, you can try to try every song with the perfect number of beats, which of course you can not just do it in the highest difficulty level. The good news? This process we believe will not be boring when considering the songs that he has to offer.

Cool Song Choices!

If there is one thing we love from Taiko No Tatsujin is the selection of songs they offer here. Apart from the fact that you play drums that in fact do not produce a variety of tones at all, he is still able to make your permianan feel exciting through the choice of songs injected in it. Two thumbs up and appreciation is worth pointing at Bandai Namco for what they do with this one title.

So as predictable, 100 percent of the songs you meet in Taiko No Tatsujin are Japanese songs. So, for those of you not so familiar with Japanese songs, there will be two reactions that can arise: first, a sense of disinterest because these musicians will have no meaning whatsoever in your eyes and ears. But for the slightly open-minded gamer, the second consequence, becomes the entrance to recognize these Japanese songs even if you do not understand the lyrics they are singing. As for gamers who simply follow the development of popular Japanese music so far, it contains content that will be ready to make you tempted.

Divided into separate categories such as Pop, Anime, Classical, Namco, to Game Music, Taiko No Tatsujin provides enough Japanese song content to make you fall in love from the first sight. Not all of these songs can be called "new", but popular seems to be the right choice of words, especially from the decision to select some old songs. The selection of the genre category is also a bit questionable considering there is a simplification that makes some popular songs that are not POP, but put in POP. Example? Babymetal, for example.

But it's hard not to admit that the decision to include these super popular songs is one of the attractions of this Taiko No Tatsujin. At the beginning of your entry into the song selection menu, you've been greeted with RADWIMPS - Zen Zen Zense which incidentally is an OST for the super popular anime - Kimi No Nawa (Your Name). Go deeper, and you'll find songs from Babymetal - Gimme Chocolate, Orange Range - Super Classic Ikenai Taiyou, to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu with Ninja Re Bang Bangnya. The fact that this game includes one song from our favorite personal visual kei band - X-Japan with "Kurenai" even makes us bias enough to want to give the perfect number for this one game.

While from the Anime category, you will be dealing with the popular anime anime from Attack on Titan, One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, to Kemono Friends! Other categories such as "Variety" for example, even include viral songs from Pikotaro - PPAP. Absolutely, you can play Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen song here!

With around 70 songs distributed in different categories, you will be presented with so many choices that may be of interest to you because of the familiarity of the original song source, or just falling in love with the song after hearing it first in Taiko No Tatsujin. But keep in mind, you will not get a full song for each of these songs, but a few minutes. We also regret the decision to maintain Japanese descriptions and titles that most of us may fail to find and find the original singers of each of these songs if we do not search for them from other sources of information. Though the version we tested is the Asian version aka "English version" available on the market today.

"The Drum"

There are two ways to enjoy this Taiko No Tatsujin. As with rhythmic games in general, you can use your DualShock 4 equally effectively. The second way? Of course for an immersive experience, you can buy a bundled version with a separate drum controller that is sold at a price range of approximately 1.5 million Rupiah in Indonesia. The size is not as big as you imagine, especially for you who had tasted it in an arcade machine that actually injects the actual size. But it is still designed to bring the definitive Taiko experience to those of you who are interested. Because inevitably have to be recognized, what it means to play Taiko without the main drum.

For the sales package itself, you will get the essentials you need. There will be a Playstation 4 game for Taiko No Tatsujin itself, complete with accessories of a small tablecloth with fabric, and of course the Drum controller itself that you can connect to the Playstation 4 via the included USB cable. With it you will also get two plastic-based punch sticks and a series of plastic that can be attached to the drum to make it more comfortable to play.

The good news? The size is much smaller compared with the version of this arcade can still be enjoyed and comfortable dijajal, but with a note, you place it in the right angle. With the foundation under it also laid a kind of adhesive, your action, any crazy will not end up shifting it until there is no risk to hit it with enthusiasm. Considering he also uses plastic material for the entire surface of the drum itself so that its durability is assured, unless you are present with the intention to damage the device from the beginning.

But it must be admitted, in a bad angle - even in conditions when you position it as equal to at least the height of your chest, then there is a risk that must be taken. True, a potentially bent arm may end up making your angle hit at an angle, and just in case the "heat" ends hit the controller dashboard located at the very bottom. Given that this one part is not designed to take your punch, of course it could end up being a bad thing. The presence of a small dashboard at the bottom of this indeed helps you can navigate the menu easily without having to use your DualShock 4.

But one thing we could question is the presence of this separate controller is not "seen" Bandai Namco as a consideration for mixing more competitive online multiplayer mode. As far as what we know and we are jajal, you who play using the drums will still be juxtaposed with other gamers who pass the accuracy they show, we assume still using DualShock 4. The result? Unless you are really great with using this Drum controller, it will be much faster and simpler to use a controller in this competitive mode. It would be better if Bandai Namco issued the option for a separate mode, considering on the other hand, there is a risk that the number of players is too little to ensure it remains active.


So like rhythmic games in general, Taiko No Tatsujin certainly not formulated for everyone, especially you - super serious gamers who really prefer the taste of action or solid story for example. It's a game that asks you to push the buttons on the right tap, while enjoying the music. The good news? For those of you who love Japanese music, it comes with a selection of songs that deserve to be thumbs up, either because of the familiarity of choice via a popular choice or precisely because it comes with a lot of other music that is ready to grab your attention. The presence of separate controllers in a more compact format also makes the drumming experience more definitive. The durability and accuracy of reading your hard punch make it as comfortable as the arcade version, as long as you can put it in the right corner.

However, this does not mean the game is perfect. One of the main complaints we discussed above is the matter of the still-strong Japanese language implementation of the song selection, which of course makes us and probably most of you who can not read the writing end up not knowing who the singer or the song title he was singing . As for the gamers who share, Share button to record your video while playing also ends automatically will be muted the song, leaving the existing Drum sound. Seeing copyright issues like this still happen even though you've bought every game legally of course provoke a lot of question marks.

Out of these shortcomings, Taiko No Tatsujin is still an interesting game in the eyes of two types of gamers: who are familiar with this franchise either in the old series for console / handheld or arcadenya version or just enjoy the rhythmic games that make cool Japanese songs as Foundation. If you are an interested gamer, we ourselves recommend to purchase a bundled version with its own controller for a more definitive experience. There is something "wrong" when enjoying this game with the controller, although for competitive mode, it ends up easier.


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