Saturday, November 4, 2017

The 3 Hero Mage That Can Make You Rank Legend With Ease!

This time we will discuss 3 Hero Mage which can be your deadly weapon to touch Rank Legend easily. Come who is this user mage? Raise his hands!

So far, there are 8 Mage hero role that you can play in Mobile Legends game, that is Gord, Aurora, Kagura, Eudora, Vexana, Nana, Cyclops, and Alice. Hero mage has a very important role because they can provide long-range attacks and can harras enemies on a certain lane by providing continuous spam skill that makes the enemy overwhelmed to do a recall.

But there are three Mage heroes are currently very strong and certainly very good for you who want to raise the rank to Legend. Let's discuss the skills one by one.


This hero has the fastest spam skill available in Mobile Legends because it has a passive skill that can reduce the cooldown of every skill on the enemy.

He can use skill 1 and skill 2 quickly in a row that generates massive damage. In addition, the ultimate of Cyclops is also very useful to make the opponent to be disabled for a few seconds and ultimate skill that he had very deadly when combined with his 1st skill.

To play with Cyclops, make sure all the attacks on the enemy because it will give effect minus cooldown and use skill 1 continuously to hp low enemy. Hero Cyclops fits in combination with Marksman like Miya or Clint because Cyclops can give you insistent damage skills with a final finish by Marksman.


Aurora has a Cool image and gracefully makes it as one of the favorite heroes of Mobile Legends player. Skill 1 from Aurora gives a lot of damage so that the enemy is overwhelmed, and by doing spam skill 1, the damage effect will be greater if the red box is fully loaded.

When the war has started, it can freeze all its opponents by using Ultimate skills so that it can ease the Marksman and the fighter to provide an attack. In addition Aurora can be the most killer in the team because of his skill is very sick, but the armor and HP is very small.

This hero includes a typical hero push and there should be a back up like Zhao Yun or Franco to cover him. Cultivated for players who use Aurora to not die in the war because Aurora is very effective to help to push up to the opponent base, his trick is not lust and remain in the middle position.

Try to focus on skill 2 and skill 3 from Aurora because magic damage from both skills is very big. Raise the skill level 1 when the character wants to reach level 15. Skill 1 is also useful to make the opponent to be slow for two seconds. Since Aurora is a hero mage, then he is advised to use Magic Emblem Set to add magic attacks. In addition, the proper use of Battle Spell for this hero is Flicker. Flicker is useful for Aurora to escape when pressed and reduce disable effects quickly.


The third Mage is Vexana, with its creepy yet cool concept, it becomes a hero mage that is in great demand by Mobile Legends players, its passive skill provides additional spell magic to the target that is affected by Vexana's damage skill. The enemy who is exposed to the spell or spell will receive an explosive damage, other than that his 1st skill is able to release the dark energy, make the opponent disable and move forward towards him.

Skill 2 of Vexana is very helpful for installing enemy hp because it gives magic a very big damage and Ultimate skill from this hero gives spell to enemy that generate damage per second. When his enemy dies, he will become a Vexana doll to help him fight, but the ability of the doll is not exactly the same as the original hero. In using Vexana, the point is to wait for the right timing to attack and always use skill 2 to help the fight by being directed to the enemy.

It's a glimpse of hero-mage that can give a positive impact when you play Fashion Play at Mobile Legends. But things to keep in mind, these tips can only work well if you get a good team, it is advisable to party with friends so there is no miscommunication to a teammate.


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