Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Impact Of Laptop Radiation On The Body And How To Overcome It

A laptop or PC (Personal Computer) is not just a matter of how users use the device for various jobs. Also more important are the user-related questions, especially on the radiation issues that the laptop emits and its impact on the body and health.

As good as any laptop you buy, the object still has a negative side that can not be rejected. The first fact that can not be denied: laptop or personal computer is an electronic device. And as with any other type of electronic device, it emits electromagnetic radiation. The degree and degree of radiation emission of electromagnetic rays on each electronic device varies, and is highly dependent on the type of device.

In today's commonly found type of laptop that has been fitted Wi-Fi device (Wireless Fidelity). So generally, these devices are installed in every type of laptop you buy. Although basically a very useful device for every laptop owner, but there is a bad side of Wi-Fi where the waves emitted can interfere with your health.

We are trying to identify the impact of laptop radiation on the human body and how to overcome it. Let's start from the heat generated by a laptop:

1. Heat from laptop can affect fertility

Believe it or not, this is an important fact that needs to be underlined. Laptops generate heat and usually people put a laptop on their thighs when using the device to work. Therefore it would be better if laptop users avoid the behavior like putting a laptop on the thigh. In addition to summarize the sensation of heat, such behavior will lead to health problems such as skin diseases. The reason is simple: excessive heat on the laptop will bring radiation, and in turn will disrupt the health of the body.

There is also another bad influence, namely the decrease in fertility rates in both men and women. Up to this point, it would be better for you to operate the laptop on the table, because it is more comfortable and free from the health risks that may arise when you put the laptop on the thigh.

2. Radiation on laptop effect on eye health

There are many negative effects of laptop radiation which if not avoided will actually make things worse. Therefore limit the use of laptops so the eyes are not too tired. In addition you can do some of the following:
  • Set the minimum distance between the eyes with the laptop screen, at least as far as 50-100 cm.
  • Install the filter on the laptop monitor, so that the radiation does not get to the eye.
  • Place the monitor aligned with your eyes.
  • Color on the monitor try not to be too bright, but also not necessarily become too dark. Laptop monitor that is too bright will even dazzle the eye, while the minitor is too dark even make eyes dry quickly. Adjust the color on the monitor until it is pleasing to the eye.
  • Set the refresh rate on the monitor to 75 htz
  • Often winking when using a laptop to work or play a game, this will help the eyes become moist and wet.
  • When using a laptop for a long time, try to rest your eyes for 15 minutes for the eyes to be fresh.

3. Do not use a laptop whose battery is being charged

Usually very often encountered a scene where people are still using a laptop that is being charged. This is not really the right behavior. For radiation emitted on a laptop that is being charged is usually much higher than a laptop that is not being charged. Therefore, you should leave the laptop until fully charged battery.


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