Saturday, November 4, 2017

The size of Quantum Break on Xbox One X is Swell So 178 GB

In just a matter of days, we'll be dealing with a product that the owner claims to be "the strongest console of all time". Claims that are not excessive considering Xbox One X from Microsoft does have a raw ability that is stronger than competitors - Playstation 4 Pro though. With it, some tests at the beginning did show the performance of third party games better on the console, such as Shadow of War for example. Like the PS4 Pro, some games will also throw a separate patch support to accommodate additional performance compared to the Xbox One. You include gamers who are interested in it? Make sure you set up the internet without quotas if you see what happens with Quantum Break.

As one of the flagship games of Xbox One, Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment will surely be a product that utilizes the extra performance of the X. The bad news? It will also confiscate the internet bandwidth and also your data space. The latest report released by Reddit user who has got Xbox One X mentioned that there will be a download of patch of 94.7 GB for Quantum Break Xbox One X version. This makes this game bubble to about 102.5 GB. If you decide to download a companion movie file that serves as a cut-scene, this game will take up to 178.1 GB of data space! The numbers are certainly not small.

Microsoft itself will release a new Xbox One X on November 7, 2017. In addition to some new games they are preparing, Microsoft also ensures that some old game releases, first party or third party, will get a separate patch to take advantage of the powerful performance of this latest console iteration.


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