Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This is the Dangers Revoke Flashdisk Without Safely Remove Hardware

Maybe some of us are often confused about the problem Flashdisk without Safely Remove Hardware. Whether it is dangerous or not, you may still be wondering yourself. From #Computer or Laptops that we have definitely available Eject feature, and that definitely the feature appears when you plug the Flashdisk into the Computer Port.

Logically if the creator or created from the Operating System alone makes the Eject or Safely Remove Hardware feature of course this must be useful or even should be used. Therefore I will explain briefly about the issue of Flashdisk revoked without Safely Remove Hardware.

Flashdisk is one tool or storage media that is portable and of course can be taken anywhere - where. Price Flashdisk itself is also relatively cheap and very fitting dikantong Indonesian society ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. Part of us must often use Flashdisk in everyday life either the office work or the duty of the lecturer.

What is the Purpose of a Safely Remove Hardware Feature?

You need to know that rarely used storage media such as CD players (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW, etc.), disk readers, and other external storage media reader devices are safer when used because there will be no data lost when the device is immediately unplugged or suddenly. Physically eject button on the storage media must be a button on the CPU Casing or if the Laptop certainly on the side.

When you open or read a file on a CD, or move a file from a CD to Commuter, then you press Eject button physically then the CD will not be directly out, but will be blocked because there is a process that occurs and relate to the existing file CD the.

Then What is the Function of Safely Remove Hardware In Windows Explorer?

With increasingly sophisticated and advanced development kononologi, Eject Button has been very stale and even rarely used. The existence of USB Flashdisk becomes a big influence for the world of technology, especially Laptops and Computers. Physically, the Ejecat button for USB Flasdisk never existed, so from the Windows operating system and others to replace the Eject button in Software that appears when you plug into the Flashdisk Computer.

The point is Eject on Flashdisk functioned as a substitute eject Button and can also be replaced as a reminder feature to let the system know that users want to revoke Flashdisk.

Does Not Do Eject On Flasdisk?

If you say that you can say that you can say yes and no, there is no direct effect on the danger of not doing eject, but it would be better if we have to get used to eject when you want to unplug the flash. From some sources I found that there are dangers to watch out for if the Flashdisk is unplugged without Safely Remove Hardware. Can make flash corrupt, Can make our flash error and hard in format, Can make our flash hard hard not detected, and finally can decrease the performance of flash itself.

Therefore to avoid damage or errors that occur in Flashdisk, you should do eject first and then you pull out your favorite flash.


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