Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tips and Tricks for You To Be Great So A Jungler Vainglory!

In the Vainglory game, the Heros are categorized into five types and three positions according to their abilities (which you can read in this article). Well, one of the Hero positions in Vainglory is Jungler. A Jungler on the team has an operating duty in the Jungle area of ​​Halcyon Fold.

The task of a Jungler is easy but difficult actually. Due to his duty to operate in the Jungle area from the beginning of the game, you should as much as possible survive in the harsh battle with the forest monsters and also from the enemy. Here, there are tips & tricks for you so you can be a great Jungler Vainglory.

1. Start the Game by Bringing Halcyon Potions

Make you guys just playing Vainglory, sometimes you just buy the items on the recommendation tab. In fact, there is one item that can make you more able to survive in the hard fight Jungle - Halcyon Potion.

Halcyon Potion can instantly cure 80 HP and 40 Energy, then gradually cure 200 HP and 65 Energy for 25 seconds. The price is cheap, only 25 gold only. You can start the game of buying one recommended Tier 1 item, then use the rest of the gold to buy Halcyon Potion.

2. As much as possible Find a Partner to Fight in the Jungle

Even though you already have a high self-preservation as a Jungler, you still need help from your teammates. This is so you can grow faster, and more resistant to the fight against the forest monsters.

If you have a team friend of the type Protector (who mostly plays as Roamer), invite him to help you fight in the forest. Even if you do not exist, you can still try to invite one of your team mates to beat the forest monsters together. This can speed up the process of your Hero development, and can more easily make a surprise attack to the opponent's Jungle and Lane.

3. Ironguarding Contract - Cheap Items That Turned High Efficacious!

To improve your endurance in the Jungle, there is another item that can help you in the battle against the forest monsters early in the game. It is an Ironguarding Contract.

Ironguarding Contract has a passive effect, where he will heal you and your team mates around 75 HP and 10 Energy. This effect will be active everytime you or your team mates kill the forest monsters or the big Lane Minion (there's always one in every Lane Minion army).

This passive effect can remain active, anyone who holds the Ironguarding Contract. As long as you are in the adjacent area, the effect will still be felt by you. Do not forget also as Jungler you should always be the one who kills the forest monsters, because the gold and the effects of the forest monsters are only given to those who give the killer attack the monster.

4. Perform Round Routes During Hunting Forest Monsters

Inside the Jungle, the location of the monster is located in the position as it is in the picture. Spot marked with number 1 is a spot where there are two little monsters, giving more gold. While in spot number two, there is one bigger monster that is stronger and will provide healing buff (as if we use Galcyon Fold), although with less gold.

With the folder as above, you can create a circle route from one spot monsters to other monster spots. Start by fighting the monsters in spot 1, then fighting the monsters in spot 2 to get the healing buff. In this way, you have time to fight the monster continuously.

5. Pay attention to Mini-Map, Prepare Surprise Attack!

As Jungler Vainglory, you certainly are not involved in a fight between Laner and the Lane Minion. You have your own place in the Jungle. But that does not mean you do not really care about Lane, especially with Jungle opponent.

Since you are not seen in the mini-map, it means you have a chance to deliver a surprise attack! You can hide in the scattered area of ​​grass, because there you will not see the opponent outside the grass. Keep monitoring the enemy's position in the mini-map, because you may be affected.


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