Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tips and Trik DOTA 2 : How to Escape

When playing DotA 2, trivial things will usually distinguish the life and death of a person. It is as if one of us takes a step, then the death penalty will be given by the enemy. This not only affects the players who incidentally only casual players but many of the pro players out there who sometimes die due to trivial things that befall them in the game.

Of the many trivial things, there is one thing that may be less noticed by some people, especially casual players are mechanical blur. Why mechanics run away? Due to the casual players who are trying to raise their MMR, it seems that the thing we will discuss this time is quite useful.

Not everyone understands the tips and tricks that will be shared, but on the one hand also seems to have quite a lot of you who understand these tips and tricks. It's ok, because you guys can later share this article to your friends too. So, do not linger.

Teleport Without Where

No, not without which in the true sense. Because this is just an alternative way when you run out of mana but it takes a bit of where to teleport. Hmm, if in the laning phase and at that time you guys go back to the base but run out of mana, try to the side shop. If your gold allows, try to buy Point Booster to add where you guys. All you need to do is after teleport, quickly resale Point Booster. Undoubtedly, your gold will be returned intact! But if your gold is not enough for that, the alternative is you can buy Robe of the Magi which will add 66 for you.

Buy DPS Item

The simple thing is, you need this item to survive. Especially if your opponent is hero-hero "Auto Blink Dagger", then you guys better make DPS item. An example is when you are dealing with a Templar Assassin that will surely make Blink Dagger, a cheap item like Orb of Venom can help you escape from the Lanaya pursuit. The Templar Assassin Blink Dagger will be hit by a cooldown, and you have a great chance to survive.

Iron Branch More Than Cheap Ordinary Items

Another trivial thing that has a lot of functions. Yep, Iron Branch, the most dear item in the world DotA 2. With the price of 50 gold, this item initially only serves as an adder only (although can be developed into Magic Wand and Mekansm), now reliable especially in the early games. Since the introduction of Happy Little Tree that can be made with Iron Branch, this item is a favorite of many people. In addition to live and then we consume with Tango, Branch role is quite crucial if you meet hero ganking. You can do a juke with a live tree from the Branch by utilizing a small fog of war. Or if you are trapped in Nature's Prophet Sprout, you can activate Branch by clicking Branch on top of our potrait hero. This will get you out of Sprout and run away.

Use Manta Style

For hero carry that rely on right click, usually Manta Style is one option to be purchased when entering the mid game. Well, in addition to functioning to create a shadow, this item can also be relied upon to provide debuff. Or to disjoint projectiles from the enemy's skill-skills. In use as well, this item will disrupt enemy concentration because when activated, two other illusions will appear in random positions. Finally, you will be able to outwit the enemy before you can finally escape.

So, already know now that you can sometimes avoid death with only trivial things and small change. For those of you who already know, you can share this article with your friends who may be studying. But if you do not know, hopefully this article useful yes.


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