Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tips : Disable Keylogger in Windows 10

Windows 10 is indeed a fun operating system, intuitive, slick, and supported by many software. But there are also unpleasant things behind Windows, because it is typically very obsessive when dealing with users. Here will be an article on how to disable keylogger so that Windows 10 is not too obsessive look.

The Windows 10 obsession is especially evident in how the operating system controls the behavior of its users when interacting with their computers. When likened, Windows 10 like a secret agent who always stalking people who suspected. Maybe you as a user will be annoyed with it. Though you use the computer just for typing, browsing, and sending email.

Then why should you be disturbed? We know that deep inside the soul of Windows is embedded a feature that records and analyzes whatever letters you type through the keyboard. Not just typing, other activities were recorded properly. The goal is simple: so that Windows 10 can learn more from your habits when using a computer.

Windows 10 does not really mean bad. They will use the information to improve the performance of the operating system. It's just that some people may be afraid of the obsession of Windows 10 is so great. In this article we will try to show you some simple steps to turn off the Windows 10 obsession as it has been written up, while restoring a bit of your personal privacy.

Disable Windows Keylogger 10

The idea of ​​Microsoft intending to record user habits when exploiting their keyboard is seen as an invasion of privacy. Even so, the company does not hide the setting of the keylogger in question. At the same time, the keylogger's tools are also not diumbar to consumers. That is, most Windows 10 users know that their typing activity is being watched.

The basis is simple: any information, letters, or words you type can be viewed directly by Windows, even when you scratch something through the stylus on the surface of the Surface Pro 4. The information collected by Windows 10 is then intended to be Cortana (Microsoft's digital assistant ) can learn how to serve Windows users better.

On the surface, Microsoft's idea looks reasonable. But along with the opening of digital time taps, where our lives run in the vortex of digital information, a PC that has the ability to report our behavior does not seem a good idea.

But again, that does not mean there is no way to turn off the keylogger feature. Just turning off the keylogger feature will affect the way Cortana works in collecting information about you. So if you still believe in the existence of a digital assistant, you should leave tips on disabling the keylogger below.

Changing Custom Settings to Disable Keylogger

If you choose to disable features that attempt to recognize how you behave in using a computer, first you need to open the Windows Start Menu 10. From there select the "Settings" menu and then a new window will open on the Windows screen in front of you.

  • Hover over the 'Privacy' icon and click on it.
  • A new window will open, where you have to select the 'change privacy options' menu that presents four settings options. The third menu should read 'send Microsoft info about how I write to help us improve typing and writing in the future'. Click on the blue button (or any other color according to your chosen theme) so that the button changes to the Off or On position (depending on your preference.)

  • On the left you will find a column with a list of menus. Click in the 'speech, inking & typing' section and then click the 'Stop getting to know me' section. Afterwards you will find a warning about Cortana data to be cleared when you confirm this step. Next continue click 'turn off', and you will be free from the obsession of Windows 10 against you.

Next you can use Windows 10 naturally, without fear of others watching over everything you do with your PC.


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