Saturday, November 4, 2017

Tips for Becoming a More Effective Offlaner in DotA 2

Today we want to share some tips for one of the role in Dota 2 is offlaner. Well, this offlaner role is the 3rd position, if my friend RevivaL not know the position in Dota 2, we love to you ya!

  • Carry is position 1
  • Mid is position 2
  • Offlaner is position 3
  • Support is position 4
  • Hard Support is position 5

Sometimes, the name of the position may differ depending on our respective understanding but the core remains the same anyway.

Offlaner can be said to be a heavy role. Why is that? Because you should be able to survive on the hard lane (top lane if you are in Radiant and bottom lane if you are in Dire) which is usually occupied by the enemy carry on guard by 2 support or commonly called trilane.

So, your task as offlaner here is:

1. Survive

Yep, here all you have to do is survive and try not to die because it will benefit the carry of the enemy in front of you. If you use the hero range try to deny creeps or disturb farming from their carry. If you happen to use hero mellee, just grab the creeps as best you can and keep play safe take EXP from the dead enemy creeps.

2. Disturb Carry Enemy During Farming

There are 2 typical carry players that is, typical carry that is not spoiled and typical carry that really spoiled. Typical carry that is not spoiled sometimes does not matter if left by their support to help other lane and you have a greater chance to interrupt their lane and even can steal the kill. But if you meet with a spoiled carry, just take the EXP and disturb or deny creeps to taste because they are usually on the watch 1 or 2 support behind and certainly waiting for a chance to kill you.

3. Distract Attention Enemy Support

If you can be very disturbing farming from the enemy carry let alone to kill them, usually the enemy support will come to your lane and will greatly keep their carry. If they do this, then you have given room for mid and carry you to be more calm farming. Because at this point their support attention is directed to the offlanders who are harassing the farming of their carry.

4. Keeping the Tower

Indeed, losing the tower will give the enemy team 200 gold and that is very detrimental to us. In addition, the mastery of the map of our team will be reduced. Therefore, offlaner has a very important role in maintaining their lane despite having to face the worst possibility of fighting 3 heroes at once. One way to survive is to continue to hit opponent creeps before they accumulate or do AOE skills if you happen to use a hero that has such skills as Windranger or Leshrac.

5. Ganking

No need to wait ganking from support or mid if you feel successful on the lane. Especially if you already have core items like blink dagger and so on, do not hesitate to do ganking to the mid lane or safe lane where your carry is. Usually, if you do ganking automatically the enemy formation will be broken and the support that had been keeping their carry will be forced to teleport to help the lane you guys and this is very beneficial to your team.


For some people sometimes prestige to buy wards let alone the hero you guys are one of the hero core. But, it would not hurt you to buy wards for your team. In addition to yourself, your support will be much easier to do a gank if the enemy position is visible in the map.


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