Saturday, November 18, 2017

Tips : Freeing Hardisk Space Windows 10

Hard drive space can be filled very quickly, and the result someday you will probably see hard drive capacity is almost full until there is no more space left in it.

It will be very difficult to trace where the hard disk capacity is lost, especially if you do not know where to find the root of the problem. One day your PC or laptop tells you that the hard drive used is full. That's why we are here to merlah a number of tips on how to free up hardisk space that is run with Windows operating system 10.

1. Using disk clean-up

Windows has a built-in tool that will automatically help users find and delete unnecessary files and data, to help free up space on the hard drive.

Disk Clean-up is the first tool to try. Look for this tool by using the "Search" feature in Windows. Once called, Disk Clean-up will scan the PC to find out the hard disk space used in Recycle Bin files, cached files, downloaded updates, and temporary files. Users can check the box selected to remove some or useless files.

Clean up button provided tool can also be pressed to instruct the software to perform a deeper scan. You should select a particular drive, usually C: drive, to check Windows system files. This kind of way will help you remove old versions of Windows that could fill the space on your hard drive.

2. Uninstall applications and games

This is a relatively easy and fast way, if you want to gain more free space on your hard drive. Start by utilizing the 'Search' feature, and then point the cursor to Control Panel, and then choose the option 'Uninstall a program'.

Click on that last section and then you will see a list of software and games that have been installed. Clear the list by clicking on the "Size" option, so that the most-consuming program or app goes up to the top of the list. Next select the apps or games you do not need, and do the usual uninstall procedure. Choose one by one until, and as a result you can save more space on the hard drive.

3. Take advantage of restore points

Basically Windows creates restore points automatically, so the user can return to the original setting if the abnormality appears after you install a new program or driver. This way of course, of course using a little space on your hard drive, but you can adjust how much space is used for System Restore.

To take advantage of restore points, look for the System Restore option on the Start menu and activate the program by clicking on it. This will then take the user to the System Properties page available on the System Protection tab. Click the Configure button and change the regulation that governs how much disk space is used by System Restore. Never turn off system protection, because you will lose restore points and can not do anything when there is a particular program or driver installation error.

4. Deleting unused files

In addition to Windows built-in tools, you can also download hundreds of other tools that help you do more things like search, find, and delete useless files (like duplicate files, unused download files, and so on). Programs like Ccleaner are a great start. But if not you can choose another one like Auslogics Duplicate File Finder.


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