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Tips to Become a Good Tanker in Mobile Legends Game

Tanks are a role in which they act not as Killer / Nuker but have a primary function to withstand all attacks. This is why the role of Tanker is rarely in demand compared to the dealer's role damage, plus the low appreciation of players in general for the importance of this Tank role.

But an irrefutable fact, that without the presence of a Tank, the game would be harder to win. Let's discuss more about how to be a good Tanker in the game.

Know the Task of a Tanker

In general, the task of a Tanker is as a receiver of damage from any attack. In addition, a Tanker is also expected to be the initiator (performing an opening attack on the war). Hero tanks at Mobile Legends are equipped with skill-skills, whether passive or active to perform these tasks well.

For example, one of the heroes in Mobile Legends that is good in the Initiator function is Tigreal. Hero is very good as initiator in teamfight because of its Ultimate skill that is Implosion can do stun area at once make enemy accumulated into one. In the absorbing function, the new Hero Mobile Legends Gatotkaca has excellent passive skill, as any lost HP will be changed to additional physical armor for this hero.

Good in setting timings to do Gank and War

A Tanker is required to be able to read the game and control the rhythm of the game especially when doing gank, it is very important that the gank is done successfully and there is no miscommunication in the team.

A good gank can make the enemy team into a panic / confused and will be beneficial for our team. The frantic opponent team will lose time for farming especially if one of his players is killed at the time the gank is done.

A good gank can be done from the beginning of the game or when the gank initiator has reached level 4 (where the ultimate skill begins to be used). Ganks can be done on all lanes, but doing a mid-lane gank will be more advantageous for the team, given the mid lane is the easiest lane to do the gank with its accessible position for all the other team members on the lane.

But it should be remembered too, to not too often do the gang and keep our team players in the mid lane, because one day, the enemy team can do the same to our mid laner. The solution is to damage the enemy gank's formation by doing mid-laner backups that are being farmed, or can also do push tower in other lane. If we put pressure on the enemy, the enemy is expected to abandon the intention to do the gank and will return to the lane to defend or return to farming.
Map sensitivity

Minimap is an important feature in the game, it takes special attention and sensitivity to the minimap. Through the minimap and little analysis, we are able to predict where the enemy is, and be able to communicate it with your team. The role of a Tanker is not a role that is needed just to keep 1 lane, but to maintain 3 lane at once, either top, mid, or bottom. In-game communication like missing hero information should also be frequently notified, so our teammates are more careful about the possible gangs of the enemy.

Most of the Mobile Legends beginners are usually less cooperative, communicating or sensitive to the map.Teamwork is indispensable in the game, and without teamwork, it would be very difficult to win. Teamwork can not be executed if there is no communication and sensitivity to the circumstances. So start working with each other and communicating with your team.

Mid and Late Game

Toward mid and late game, the game will generally be dominated by war. As we discussed earlier, the task of tankers is to receive damage from existing enemies, as well as being a defense for the team. The thing to remember is that tankers usually have HP and big defense so the enemy will be difficult to kill the existing tankers. This results in an experienced team of enemies most likely not going after you as a tanker, but chasing other team members like Marksman and Mage. The thing to note here is to keep the teammates from dying from the attacks.

Good initiate is also very important in war, good war opening can disable and damage the formation of opposing team so that our team can inflict damage and have early advantage in time of war.

Tigreal as mentioned in the above example is famous for its excellent crowd control. After opening with the ultimate skill, Tigreal can use Sacred Hammer skill to push all enemies accumulated towards the dealer damage team to kill all the heroes captured by Tigreal. This is very advantageous team to win the war and of course can be continued by doing push tower as well as enemy base.

So guys, after reading this article hopefully you have no doubt to try this very important role as a tank. In addition to following the tips and tricks that have been given, keep training hard and teamwork and good communication with your team members, this is the key to victory in the Mobile Legends game.


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