Saturday, November 4, 2017

Top 5 Hero Recommendations for Solo Rangked Mobile Legends!

We think everyone agrees if the main ranked in competitive games, including Mobile Legends, is more fun and conducive with friends who are used to playing together.

However, the problem is finding a playmate with equivalent skills is not easy. Not to mention the problem of leisure time to play different sometimes makes it difficult for us to always play ranked with friends.

Moreover, in fact, not all heroes are designed and have a balanced skillset. There are hero-hero who really need team cooperation and there are a number of heroes who can be more independent.

Therefore, we make a list of these recommendations to help you practice the heroes that we think are suitable for solo ranked. Without further ado, here it is:

1. Balmond

Honestly, this is my personal flagship hero while playing solo ranked. Why? Because Balmond is a cross between a tanker and a warrior.

The Balmond Skillset includes quite offensive and aggressive, especially its ulti. But it can also be very thick if you use all the gear tanks to build it, like Cursed Helmet, Bloodthirsty King, Demon's Advent, Blade Armor, and friends.

Maybe on another occasion, I will discuss more detailed guide about this Balmond because he is myo myo (with Win Rate 70.00%).

But surely it has everything you need for solo ranked. He has a mobility skill (skill 1) to escape or catch an opponent. His ulti skill is also painful for mercy even without the Attack gear.

Its ulti skill is what distinguishes Balmond with most other tankers. Other tanks may have difficulty killing opponents but Balmond does not (especially in solo ranked, sometimes we can not rely on others to generate damage to the opposing team).

2. Cyclops

Why we put Cyclops here? Because Cyclops is one of the most versatile mages. He can run away or catch the opponent easily with his second skill.

The first skill of Cyclops is AoE skill which is very useful when war or spend minion wave quickly. Its ultimate skill is very easy to use and very useful for locking specific targets.

Compared to low-mobility Eudora or Aurora, Cyclops can more easily find the ideal position when war is or is safer for split-push.

Eudora or Aurora is more dangerous to use for solo ranked because not necessarily your team mates want to protect you when war.

3. Harley

When this article was written, mage is a new meta in Mobile Legends. Therefore, there is nothing wrong we also recommend 2 mage here.

Harley gets a very significant buff in this season. Nevertheless, even without the buff though, the Harley skillset is actually already mature enough for solo ranked.

Both skills are the key and differentiator between a noob player and a decent player. Harley players who have mastered both skills will be super slippery and hard to kill.

The difference with Cyclops? Cyclops may be more ideal for war and split-push while Harley is more horrible when one on one (because the first skill can be blocked by a tank when war).

4. Karina

This is the most annoying hero for marksman or other heroes who rely on attack speed when it is finished. The reason, his first skill makes Karina can not be attacked by regular attacks for 3 seconds.

His first skill also makes it slippery enough to have split push because there is a movespeed buff. While his passive skill is similar to having a Karie who is able to provide damage based on% an HP opponent.

5. Argus

One of the new hero is also considered ideal for solo ranked because there are still many players who have not really understood how to overcome his ulti.

Actually, the key to overcoming Argus is quite easy, ie do not attack and keep the distance when the ulti is activated. But unfortunately (or fortunately), there are still many players who have not been able to see the difference when the ulti is active or not - at least until this article is written.


Actually there are still some other heroes are safe enough for solo ranked, such as Zilong, Fanny, Hayabusha, Karie, or other heroes are quite agile and slick but with significant damage.

However, these five heroes are at least more easily mastered (than Fanny or Hayabusha) or fewer know how to counter them (like Argus and Karina).


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