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Top 8 Ways to Take Care of Laptop Batteries For Long Lasting and Durable

Tips to Save and Maintain Laptop Battery For Long Lasting and Durable. Power is the most important part that must be kept well in order to stay durable and durable. All technology devices require power to be alive and used in everyday activities, especially laptops and smartphones. In today's digital age, Laptops play an important role in all conditions, whether in work, college assignment, household needs, and more.

Battery on laptops have a very important role, on the other Laptop battery is quite wasteful because it has to channel all the power on all Laptop hardware. Unlike the smartphone may be somewhat more efficient and can last up to one full day, while the laptop may not survive a full day. In one day, if used in full time then the user will definitely charge for two times.

How To Take Care Of Laptop Battery In order To Survive Longer

Each battery must have different capacity, depending on the laptop vendor itself. On this occasion I will share tips to you on How to Take Care And Save Betari Laptop To Be Long Lasting. There are several powerful tips and tricks to save power, one of them is to reduce the brightness of the laptop. For more details, just take a look at the following methods to Conserve and Maintain Laptop Battery.

1. Reduce Laptop Brightness Screen

The high brightness of the screen makes the Laptop Battery run low, this happens because the LEDs on the screen do require high power consumption than other hardware. If for example your laptop is too bright, then you can reduce the Brightness to be more dim and the battery also feels more efficient. This is already very common and mostly done by laptop users, especially on laptops that have Windows operating system. Well, to do so, please follow the steps - steps below.

  • Click Start »Control Panel» Display »Adjust Brightness. Further on the bottom, you can set the screen brightness level easily and quickly. The way I give this is specific to users of Windows 7 operating system. And for those who use the latest operating system like Windows 8 or 10, the possible way will be slightly more different.

2. Close or Uninstall Unused Applications

Unconsciously, in fact there are many applications running even though we never run it. You can see that, you can check through Windows Task Manager. In that section you can see what applications are running. In order for more durable Laptop Battery and CPU performance is not too heavy then it would be nice you turn off some applications or remove applications that you never use. This way in addition to saving battery can also improve laptop performance.

3. Turn off Wifi If Not Use

To save the laptop battery, you can try to turn off some important features that you are not using, one of them is Wifi. Wifi is very important, but if you are not in the area of ​​Wifi then just turn off the feature. Wifi features a lot of power drain because it is too often look for signals that exist around the area.

Use the AVG PC TuneUp app to turn off or enable the Wifi feature on your Laptop. Use airplane mode on the app to turn off WIfi Laptop. And vice versa, if you want to turn it back on then switch off the airplane mode.

4. Avoid Laptop Use When Charging the Battery

In terms of maintenance without software, it is expected to avoid using the laptop while charging. It would be nice if you use the laptop when the battery is full and you have unplug the charger. This aims to avoid battery damage for too long in Charger. On the other hand if you turn off the laptop and charger then the battery will be full faster than you use simultaneously.

The case of laptop batteries are often damaged often use the laptop simultaneously by charging the battery.

5. Battery Charging! Do not Wait Until 0%

When you intend to charge, do not wait when the battery is completely discharged or 0% and the laptop is dead. This is not the best way, it would be nice to start to charger laptop when the power is below 20%. This is done so that the battery is more durable and not easy to damage in the future. And make sure you also apply the third tips that do not use a laptop while charging the battery.

6. Laptop Charging In The State Of Death

To charge the laptop surely laptop is dead. This aims to power the battery faster full, different if the battery charging with the state of the laptop is still on then charging the battery will take longer. Bad again, if the state of the laptop is on then the battery will heat faster.

7. Use Original Charger

Make sure the battery that you are still original or still innate laptop manufacturer itself. Do not try to use a friend's charger even if the port is the same. It could be that using other charging makes the current unstable and makes the battery quickly damaged due to overcurrent current spikes. You can see on each charger has a different standard - different. Therefore, to avoid other bad things, it would be nice to use your own charger.

8. Unplug Charger When Power Is 100%

If your battery power is 100% then just pull the charger. If you do not immediately remove it will shorten the life of the battery itself. Make the electric current continue to flow, while the battery is fully charged.


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