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Top 9 Ways to Speed ​​Up Computer and Laptop Performance 'Windows'

The Perfect Solution How to Speed ​​Up the Performance of Windows PC and Laptop Computers. We as owners and users Computer or laptop would feel upset if the performance and performance of the laptop seemed very slow (slow). Especially if we have a lot of tasks that must be resolved quickly, this must make us dizzy seven around. Then, What Solutions In Overcoming Laptop And Computer Which Slow? Read more to understand it.

Laptops and Computers are slow depending on the Hardware itself. If for example you use a computer with Pentium 4 Processor then do not expect to be as fast as a computer with Processor Core i5 and Core i7 it is impossible for you to do. Similarly if you are still using the Core i3 Processor then still can never be as fast as Processor Core i5, although the version is almost the same but the speed remains different.

In addition to Processor, RAM memory also contributes to this problem. RAM is still using 1 GB or 2 GB I think for now it is less, at least we should be able to use the RAM above 4 GB. So guaranteed the performance of Laptops would be better with the condition of care should also be good too.

Tips to Accelerate Computer Performance To Not Slack

On this occasion I will give you tips on How to Speed ​​up Computer And Laptop Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10, And so on). There are several methods you can do to make the laptop is much better than before. The method I gave is quite easy and does not seem complicated. This also you do as often as possible so that the performance of the laptop remains optimal. Just take a look at how to Accelerate Performance Laptop Windows following.

1. Clear Temporary Files and Windows History

Temporary files are temporary files that are created while opening and running applications on Windows. Actually the temporary file or Cache will be very good for us. Why? Because we can open the application quickly and easily, this happens in the second session in opening the previous application. The cache file is very good at opening and running applications, but if the cache file is too much and excessive it will actually make the computer performance decreased.

This happens due to a cache of cache files that reach thousands and fill the hard drive space. The solution of course we have to clean it. You can use applications like CCleaner to clean up junk files, history, cache, cookies, temporary, and more easily and quickly. To get the CCleaner app, you can search it from Google Search Engine, you'll find it later. And if you have downloaded it, you can simply install and run the CCleaner application.

2. Uninstall Unused Applications

If you do not use a particular application or even never use it at all because it feels heavy on your computer then please just delete the application. If you have a computer with weak specs, then do not install graphical applications like Solidwork, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effect, 3D Max, and Corel Draw X6. Not good, but it will incriminate your computer. Make sure your computer hardware support if installing such an application.

To remove an app, you do not need any additional apps. Simply sign in to the existing uninstall feature on the Windows operating system. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  •     Click the Start Button »Control Panel» Double Click "Add or Remove Programs".

In that section, will appear all the applications installed on your computer. Next you can uninstall the application itself that you do not need or not use again. Follow the instructions to uninstall the application until the uninstall process is successful and done.

3. Lower Visual Effect On Windows

Visual Effect does look very attractive to the eye, because it seems a lot of animation when opening or running applications on Windows. But actually the visual effect is very influential on RAM, because many do the actual process is not so important. How much more do you minimize Visual Effects on Windows by doing Costum. To do so, please follow the steps below.

Click the Right Button »Right Click My Computer» Select Properties »Select Advanced Tab» Click Settings in the Performance »It will exit the Performance Options dialog box On the Visual Effects tab select the option" Adjust for best performance "» Then click "Apply" .

Actually there are three options you can do namely:

  •     Adjust For Berst Appearance
  •     Adjust For Best Performance
  •     Custom

I myself choose Costum, so I can set the Visual Effect anything I still activate. But for optimal performance it would be better if you choose Adjust for best performance.

4. Lower Program Running At Startup

The program that runs on Startup I mean is the Program that opens in conjunction with Windows Boot. Minimize the Startup program so that the boot is also faster and more smoothly without having to wait a long time. You can disable certain apps that you do not actually need to run. To do so, please follow the steps below.

  • Click Start Button »msconfig» System Configurations »Startup. Disable or Disable some unneeded apps by unchecking them. Click "Apply".

In addition to using the msconfig feature, you can also use the CCleaner Application to do it easily and quickly. In CCleaner Application, available Startup feature that you can costum as you wish.

5. Use Disk Cleanup Features

Disk Cleanup is a feature built in to the Windows operating system. This feature is useful for cleaning files - files that are not used anymore. The explanation from the Official Microsoft site says that Disk Cleanup "to delete files you no longer need and reclaim storage space on your PC". To use Disk Cleanup, you can follow the steps below.

  •     Click Start menu »Programs» Accesories »System Tool» Disk Cleanup.

After you follow the steps - steps above, it will display the Drive option from the hard drive partition. Please select the Drive you want to delete with Disk Cleaner. Wait a few moments then will appear several options (Optional). Check all the options in the Disk Cleaner, then press "OK" and wait until the cleaning process is complete.

6. Use Defragment Feature

Defragmenter is a built-in Windows feature that works to organize the layout of all files on the hard disk. The purpose of the Defragmenter, so that Windows more easily in data processing (Write / Read). To make the Defragmenter feature feel fresher and more fresh, you can do Fragmentation. And to do so, please follow the steps - steps below.

  •     Click Start menu »Programs» Accesories »System Tool» Disk Defragment.

After you enter the Defragment feature, you will see some optional Drive options. Select the Drive you want to Defragment, then click "Disk Defragment" and wait until the fragmented process is complete.

In addition to using the default feature, you can also use another application called TuneUp Utilities or for now called AVG PC Utilities. The application is also available Defragment features that you can use easily and quickly.

7. Remove existing gadgets on the Desktop

Gadgets you can use to beautify the appearance of Windows desktop, but in fact I personally do not need you to install. Because the gadget requires the consumption of RAM and if your laptop RAM is small then the gadget will make the performance of the laptop decreased. Anyways Gadget Is Not So Important Also !!!!!

8. Install the Best Antivirus

Laptops are often used for downloading, browsing, and transferring data between one computer to another computer, between one flashdisk with other flash. This kind of thing would be very vulnerable once to the Virus. Therefore antivirus is very important for computer or laptop. Recommendation from I use antivirus which have been very popular and guaranteed security like AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, and some other famous antivirus.

For the record, do not install Antivirus more than 1 because instead of added safe but will even burden your laptop only. And you should not also install Antivirus SmadAV because the antivirus is less good and less secure.

9. Use Additional Applications

For better results and you can also easily organize and delete data on Windows. My recommendation is to use additional apps like AVG PC TuneUP and CCleaner. Both applications are very powerful in experiencing lola on Windows, deleting junk files, cleaning history, defragment harddisk, clean up registration files, and many more.

AVG PC TuneUP is an additional software that can be used to maximize the operating system working on the computer. This program in addition to fixing the registry is also able to rearrange (rewrite) the Windows registry, thereby minimizing the risk of damage to the system and speed up the performance of the computer, but it is also able to erase data on the hard drive until completely no trace again and various other repair work. Turbo Mode feature is also claimed to improve computer performance significantly. (

CCleaner is a free utility software that can be used to optimize the computer and clean the registry. One important feature of this program is the availability of tools to clear the cache left by the browser while surfing the internet. This software has a very small size, so it does not burden the computer resources while operating, but this is compensated by the lack of features available when compared with similar products with paid licenses.

This device was developed by Piriform Ltd. and is designed to operate on Microsoft Windows systems. CCleaner is provided free of charge to computer users, so Piriform requires donations to develop the program. CCleaner is available in 35 national languages ​​of various countries in the world and its plans for future versions will be added.


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