Saturday, November 18, 2017

Upload Photos to Instagram using Windows is actually Easy

Instagram functionality has long been expanded, and now its fans can use photo sharing via social media via Windows-based laptop or PC. But unless you have a laptop with a touch screen, uploading photos to Instagram via Windows would be a big deal.

But do not worry, here we will give tips on how to do that, through your favorite Windows 10.

Instagram is currently known as an online photo sharing app that has 400 million active users, and it is said that 75 million people are logged into Instagram every day. Basically Instagram is an application aimed at smartphone users. Even so, its presence on the PC / laptop platform allows one to upload photos via Instagram account, although this can be a little complicated.

First Things To Do: Login via Web Instagram

Web Instagram provides access to enter the site version of the app in question. All you have to do is login using an existing Instagram account. You may wish that all the features available on the web version of Instagram are the same as those provided in the mobile version. But one important feature in the web version is missing, the feature to upload images directly from the web.

There is an Instagram app for Windows that can be downloaded from Windows Store and installed directly to Windows 10, but you will not be able to upload any images to Instagram, except using a Windows tablet or laptop with touch screen.

This is where InstaPic roles are needed

Solving such problems mentioned above is easy, because you only need to download third-party applications from the Windows Store, such as InstaPic. So what needs to be done now is to open Windows Store and then do a search of the application. After that you need to install it in Windows 10 yours.

Run InstaPic, then you need to register an Instagram account using a specific email address. By doing this, you can connect Instagram account with the application, and then you can directly upload any image via InstaPic.

But please note also some problems that may arise when using InstaPic. Among these you can not see the timeline to see what people do you follow. Additionally, the lack of notification may be quite disturbing to some people. Therefore you should treat InstaPic solely as an application to edit photos and uploaders that work with Instagram web version.

At the top of the InstaPic screen you will find various icons for Search, Instagram Direct, Notifications / Likes, and Profile. Then one interesting feature is the Shutter icon adjacent to Instagram Direct. Click this section to open your PC camera or laptop.

The Shutter icon is interesting, because you can use it to take pictures, or upload images that are already available on your PC or laptop hard drive. Once you find the photo you want to upload, double-click it to open the editor window.

In that window you can do a lot of things like adding filters, cropping, and more image editing features like you can find in Instagram mobile version. When you're done with photo editing, click the arrow in the top right corner where you'll find the Share menu.

Furthermore you can share photos like when using mobile version Instagram application. You can also tag anybody you want, or send a picture to Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, or any account connected to your Instagram account.


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