Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vainglory Guide : Rona, HP Rhino, Crazy Damage with Build WP Lifesteal!

This one Hero can be very durable if you build right. One of them with WP lifesteal like this one!

This one might be known for his ferocity on the battlefield. He can jump forward fiercely using Into the Fray, which makes his enemies hit slow after 3 seconds and get him an extra shield for every enemy that is exposed to that skill.

Can be a 1v1 scenario, he has a Foesplitter that enables the enemy to be heavily damaged, and gives the movespeed buff to himself. In a 1v2 or maybe 1v3 scenario, it has a Red Mist that makes itself twist and inflict damage to the hero around it. In this situation he will get a shield for every enemy that is affected by the skill.

If used properly, this hero gets hard and hard to kill, but on the other hand also has considerable damage. Then, how to use this hero? Consider the following tips, but before lets see the basic status of Rona:

  •     Hit Points (HP): 799 (+90)
  •     Weapon Damage: 88 (+6.2)
  •     Attack Speed: 1 (+0.012)
  •     Armor: 20 (+6)
  •     Shield: 20 (+6)
  •     Attack Range: 1.8
  •     Move Speed: 3.3

In addition to the above status, Rona has a Heroic Perk named Berserker's Fury. This ability makes Rona hit 50% faster than most heroes, but on the other hand each blow produces only 80% damage.

Build Skill

In taking the skill, Foesplitter can be said to be the main skill to be maximized. This is of course nothing else and not because this skill is the main skill for you to produce damage in the fight. Moreover, Into the Fray you can take it afterwards so you can initiate a fight or pursue enemy enemies who try to escape.

While the Red Mist is taken as usual on the levels when you can already take ulti skill. This skill is also another important skill, because with it you become more tanky and can face the siege scenario; especially if most of the enemy is melee.

Item Build

Serpent Mask may be one of the most important items in this build. The reason is of course nothing else and no because this item that gives effect to your lifesteal. One important thing you know too is that when you're using the Red Mist and about some heroes, all the incoming damage also gives you heal from the Serpent Mask's lifesteal item property. So with this item, you become very durable especially when it comes to multiple enemies at once with Red Mist.

Other important items are Breaking Point and Shiversteel. These two items may be considered important when you are facing a 1v1 scenario. The selection of Breaking Point is one of the effects of Berserker's Fury perk, which makes you accumulate the effect of Breaking Point with ease. If the effect of Breaking Point is full stack guaranteed lane carry that have the damage may be blurred when you meet.

Meanwhile other items, Shiversteel is very helpful, especially if you're in a chase scenario. The slow effects of Shiversteel are also generated when you're on the Red Mist. As a result you become increasingly easy to catch enemies that have no escape mechanisms like Adagio or maybe Skaarf.


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