Sunday, November 12, 2017

Vox Item Guide Vainglory : Kill your Enemy with the music

Who of you chose Vox when playing Vainglory as a hero mainstay? Check out the following item tips for your favorite hero.

One of the coolest heroes in Vainglory is Vox, the hero who kills his enemies with sound or echoes while listening to music! Vox has good farming skills and can do pushing lane quickly. This hero is very suitable placed on the lane, because in addition to the ability of pushing, he has a good harassing ability.

To be a strong carry on late gaming later, Vox needs a good and precise item. Therefore, I will provide Vox's guide on items suitable for use by him. This time I will share the build of WP hero Vox. Here are the six items that will be used by it in WP Vox build.


Vox has the ability to attack multiple enemies at once, would be very good if you have a large weapon damage. Therefore, a good first and first item to use is Sorrowblade. By using this item, you will be able to do faster in farming, pushing tower, and harassing enemy at the lane.


Vox's capabilities work very well with Bonesaw items. Vox's ability to attack multiple enemies at once can be combined with the effects of Bonesaw that reduce enemy armor. Combos of all Vox's abilities can reduce enemy defenses quickly and many enemies at once! This does not make it easier for you to kill the enemy, but also your team as well.

Journey Boots

As a range or carry range hiiter, you need good positioning. Therefore, you also need a fast running speed. Item Journey Boots are the right one used by heroes like Vox to speed up your walking speed.

Serpent Mask

As a carry you also need items that can do lifesteal. It is useful to do 1v1 against carry opponent. In addition, by using this item, you can keep your HP at a safe limit. Keep in mind, that you will get a lifesteal of all the damage you generate, including your bouncing attacks.

Defense item

As a carry range, it still can not be separated from the defense item. The items that Vox hero needs to stay in battle against enemy teams are items like Crucible. With this item, you can fend off all the bad effects that can be generated by enemies like stun, slow, and so forth. Crucible items can also be used to get out of the cages created by the Ardan hero.

If you need more defense items, then the right choice is Aegis or Fountain of Renewal. But if you do not think you need more defense items and want to buy damage items, then the right item is Tyrant's Monocle or Tornado Trigger.


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