Saturday, November 4, 2017

Want to Rank in Mobile Legends Quickly? Here's the tips!

Feeling bored with your stuck rank there-there without any progress? Feeling the skill you have should be able to deliver you to a higher rank position but your star continues to decline until you have to force you to go down the rankings? There may be some things you need to pay more attention to, some important things that can be the key to getting up the rank more easily!

1. Understand the heroes you use often

There are many heroes that can be your choice in every game. Of course in a team can not use the same hero, especially when it has reached Epic rank up, and already use the draft pick mode, does not allow the two heroes the same although different teams. Understanding a hero like learning about all aspects of the hero (skill, passive skill, items to be used etcetera) will also give you an added advantage as well as your team to get closer to winning.

Surely it will take a long time to learn a hero, coupled with our knowledge of the items to be used & suitable to use hero that we will use. But apart from all that, of course when we managed to learn a hero to the threshold, it will be a plus for yourself.

A good understanding of these heroes will also help you in the game if you have to deal with the hero in the opposing team. You will be better prepared and more able to anticipate what steps will be taken by the next hero and how to counter it.

2. Solo Player = Auto Lose?

Surely it's a bit upset when we meet players who have a stubborn or very selfish nature and do not care about what happens to their team. We can not vote with whom we will be grouped in a team if we play solo, it is very difficult to play solo especially in the game of Team vs Team like Mobile Legends.

It's not impossible to win solo queues but you should be prepared with risks that might appear like random AFK from players on the team, and the chances of getting a poor team so you have to work harder carrying for the whole team.

Good composition is to play three with your friends who have a good enough ability as well. It would be more ideal if you can take important role such as tank / fighter and dealer damage.

Playing full team or five can also be an option if you are more accustomed to playing with your teammates. In this condition the possibility of the opponent you are facing is also full team. This can pose a challenge in its game, because in a full team composition, a team with better teamwork and coordination will be easier in winning the game.

Do not forget also, when you are in a position to be a member of a team, in addition to communication and cooperation, of course you also have to be humble to listen to input and criticism from your teammates so you and your team can win more easily.

3. Map Awareness? What is that?

Most of the players really underestimate this. What is Map Awareness? Map Awareness is a condition where you have a good understanding of the position of friends and opponents as well as developments that occur during the game progresses. This can be accomplished by one of the ways that is with a lot of attention to the Map (which is in the top left corner of your screen) during the running match. Surely this gives you more information about the position and condition of your opponent that is not visible on the screen, but still visible in the map.

The map also brings you and your team closer to achieving victory when you can see a lone opponent so you can perform a gang. Paying attention to the map is easy but often difficult to get used to, but it is very important for you and your team!

4. Learn from other better players!

The learning process will keep you better is not it? One of the things that you can certainly do is to learn how to play the big teams that exist in Mobile Legends both national and international teams.

You can take advantage of Live Stream features in the game and learn about play from players and other teams. This will provide you with reference to how top players use their hero and play in teams.

5. Control your emotions!

Very often we see there are players who can not play patiently, so he always dies in vain without producing any contribution to the team. That is one of the things we should avoid. Why? When you get killed in vain, your EXP and gold enemies will grow automatically and your EXP and gold team earnings will be left behind. When this happens continuously throughout the game, then most likely you will experience defeat. Stay with the team and plan well for the team, whether it is baiting or ganking and pushing continuously.

6. Condition of network and mobile device

Well, this is the last thing that might help you in the up rank. Make sure your network conditions are good by pinging the Mobile Legends server. Also make sure you guys do not move too much location that will affect your signal yes guys. It would be more ideal if you can take advantage of a good and stable Wi-Fi network to reduce the greater risk of mobile data connections.

Take good care of your mobile device so it has enough RAM to run the game properly. Also note the simple things like the condition of the battery. You certainly do not want to run out of battery in the important moments of team fight is not it?

So some tips that you can try to apply to help you in raising rank. Do not forget to keep practicing and keep every game you play fun for both your team and the opposing team!


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