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Wolfenstein II Review – The New Colossus

To be honest, most gamers seem to end up not interested in tasting Bethesda and Machine Games efforts to regenerate the old franchise - Wolfenstein through the latest series - The New Order a few years ago. There is a sense of distrust that aside from a game that asks you to root out the Nazis in an alternate timeline scenario of a second world war, there is not much to anticipate from it. But when tasting it, the results say differently. The New Order followed by standalone - The Old Blood, is one of the best modern FPS games we've ever tasted, which also seems to be felt by many gamers and media out there through super positive reviews that are gliding. Not just because the mechanics and sensations hold the weapon that he offers, but through his ability to offer stories through a series of cut-scenes that exist. Now, BJ Blazkowicz is finally back!

Had been teased through a little teaser and then confirmed in E3 2017 yesterday, Wolfenstein II: The New Colosssus seems to offer two things that became the attraction of the first series - the story and the power of gameplay. That same series, he is a straightforward FPS game that has one main mission for you - killing the existing Nazis in the brutal way you can think of. Along with it, you can also dive into a world full of nightmares depicting what happens if the Nazis rule the world through the latest military technology, with a strong sci-fi taste on it. But what Wolfenstein II offers: The New Colossus is more than that.

So what exactly does he offer? Why do we call it a game that makes nazi a porridge outside of trying to throw away a joke that might make some of you grumble? This review will discuss it more deeply for you.


Like the name that he usung - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a sequel directly from Wolfenstein: The New Order that was released several years ago. After suffering a super-severe injury from his battle against Deathshead, Blazkowicz who was face-to-face with the death successfully disematkann by his friends from Kreisau Circle. But the final battle is indeed made him no longer have a normal body function.

In the process of waiting for Blazkowicz to recover, which has even been running for more than 5 months without progress. Eva's Hammer - the base for Kreisau Circle was suddenly attacked by the Nazi forces. Fortunately, Blazkowicz got up from a coma with legs that could no longer be moved. Although his own body function was not yet optimal, he succeeded in foiling an attack launched by General Frau Engel - a sadist who he had injured in the past. But in the middle of the process, Blazkowicz must lose the figure he so admires and respects - Caroline. The life that must be sacrificed to make this struggle against the Nazis could continue.

In the midst of an uncooperative body condition, Blazkowicz resumes her heroic action using her armor technology armor that now allows her to stand and run as in the past. But in the midst of the fact that her lover - Anya is carrying twins she so loved and a struggle that never seems to get the bright spot, Blazkowicz is no longer supported by the prime physical condition faced with a heavier enemy than the Nazis - a crisis of self-existence. Something that makes it more complex than the previous series.

Will Blazkowicz be able to break the dominance of the Nazis who now even control the United States? Or should he be subject to the dominance of this fascist government? What challenges and conflicts should he face? All the answers to that question of course you can get by playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus this.

A Beautiful and Terrifying World

If we talk about the visual quality, especially from the technical side, the latest engine implementation for Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus does make it look more indulgent eyes. Especially if we talk about cut-scene that is now reinforced with animated facial motion and also a more vibrant reaction. If we have to talk about a fascinating presentation element, it is the ability of the Machine Games to develop a world under staggering but also mesmerizing Nazi leadership at the same time. With it, they also bandage characters and stories that are ready to get you moved.

That the world under Nazi leadership is blended with no restraint at all, until you can feel disgusted but also fascinated with it. Filled with swastika, Nazi troops are now reinforced with cool sci-fi military technology, from just the standard weapon option they can, armor they use, to more cutting-edge technology like mecha or even a guard dog robot that can blow fire without stopping. The world you meet is also not a beautiful world. As an organization that encourages the purification of the Aryan race is represented with horror stories. You can see how not only Jews, but also humans with color races being herded and executed without any moral hesitation.

With him, you will no longer be trapped in a linear battlefield. Most of the "game arenas" that you explore will carry a slightly open concept, while helping you get a clearer picture of what has happened with America and why this superpower country is subject. You will be exploring a former city that was the victim of an atom bomb and ending up leaving only a ruined ruin of burnt, small towns carried Nazi control with a swastika parade and racist groups - the ruling KKK there, to a variety of Nazi military facilities with technology fantastic design and superb on it. Technically speaking, Wolfenstein II may not be a visually stunning game. But from the design side, it's hard not to fall in love with him.

With a combination of visual and also the right music, which will even leave a familiar feeling for you who had tasted DOOM in the past because the boom always flowing in accordance with the action you run, your action to kill the Nazis will end more fantastic. Moreover, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also offers a level of gore with the appropriate level. We are talking about a game that uses a small ax as a melee attack, which can make the enemy's body break off so easily. With him, you will feel satisfaction when successfully doing this every time you do stealth. Attacks with several types of heavy weapons, such as Shockhammer X at close range, for example, will disconnect their bodies, including ruptured heads without leaving. This is a super brutal game.

With all these combinations, at least in your eyes who had known and loved the Wolfenstein series so far, it's hard not to fall in love with what the Machine Games offer. Not from the visual technical side like texture or lighting effects for example, but a fantastic "nightmare" world. Worth getting a thumbs up!


So what is Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus? Calling it a "standard" FPS game from the mechanical side of gameplay, it seems appropriate. This is an FPS game that asks you to move from one point to the next, with the freedom to kill or avoid enemy troops that may be on patrol. If you are "bloodthirsty", there are so many weapons to choose from the beginning, with German names hard to read and write. From Macinenpistole - the SMG, Sturmgewehr - the assault rifle, Schockhammer - auto Shotgun, to the heavier ones like Dieselkraftwerk - a grenade launcher that is even ready to make the enemy to ash. On top of that, you also have the opportunity to take and use the various weapons dropped by the Nazis, some of them, carrying heavier weapons with even more destructive effects.

For each available weapon, you also have the opportunity to use it in a dual-wielding manner to make the action of spewing bullets much faster and deadly. But instead, you will lose any special things that these weapons can use with the viewfinder. As an example? Strumgewehr with a scope for example, will not be used for binoculars if used in a dual-wielding format. Some special weapons, especially those you get from the Nazi variant with heavy armor, will also present more destructive capabilities, but it takes its own resources to charge again. True, you will be faced with so many Nazis here, with variants of weapons, armor and attacks. Some you can subdue with one or two bullets in the head, others need dozens of bullets to just make their armor break and end up injured.

However, of course, there is one other gameplay system that you can take to ensure a more risk-free gameplay experience is stealth. By using your settling ability and your observation about the location of the enemy, you can finish off most enemies with this one trick. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also makes this action feasible for two reasons: the first implementation of the Commander system and secondly, the fact that Blazkowicz is not a typical hero that can swallow a bullet without any meaningful consequences. For this last affair, he is indeed fragile. That your cautious movement will simply end up in death, even in the normal difficulty level. Approaches like this do encourage you to be more insightful and think about the various steps of the next move. Fortunately, you are also helped by a manual Save-Load system that will be the "solution" of this problem given the distance of the checkpoint is also far away.

So what about the Commander system? For each area you visit, whether in a linear or semi open-world format, according to the story or not, you will meet the Nazi type with "Commander" status there. Taking them first becomes essential because Commander is the source of the alarm that can call in more reinforcements if he knows about your presence. This of course is something you want to prevent, because reinforcements are present in quantities that will make you bothering to death. Given the status of Blazkowicz we talked about, that he's pretty fragile as the main character, it's like a lousy punishment you do not want to miss. Therefore, it is safer to play stealth until you kill the Commander. Opening open battles when they are dead without a rational system is a more rational gameplay option than entering like Rambo at the door of the Nazis who have deadly weapons.

The good news? Machine Games also inject a fantastic system to facilitate your gameplay choices. That as well as Skyrim, there is a progress skill that you can get along with the frequency you use it. As soon as this skill level increases, you will get a new buff that makes it stronger or more effective. As an example? If you are a stealth-style gameplay lover by continuing to bend down and kill the Nazis without getting caught, your stealth skills will continue to be sharpened here. There will be an exp urgent indicator that requires you to finish off a certain number of enemies before it can level up. As you level up, you can now move faster in squatting conditions for example, to make your stealth process more effective. And this system facilitates all types of gameplay, from just an open war with regular weapons, heavy weapons, until you are happy to use the surrounding environment to finish off the enemy.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus also provides an opportunity for you to strengthen your favorite weapons. Through the concept of semi open-world that he stretched at some point, you can hunt an item called "Weapon Parts" that can be applied to open perk / strengthen your favorite weapons. You can either inject your Silencer in your Pistole for a more secure stealth action, for example, or make Sturmgewehr now have armor piercing rounds to produce a more deadly effect against the Nazis reinforced with thick iron armor for example. Although there is no necessity to look for it, it will be an appropriate exploration reward to pursue. Using it in several variants will indeed ease your journey, it must be admitted. At the point of the game, Blazkowicz will also be asked to choose one of three unique equipment that will generate a new alternative route during exploration.

One extra content offered by Wolfenstein II: The New Colosssus is a side mission. That the story to free the United States from the Nazis is not just a plot point that has no effect on gameplay at all. If you manage to get an enigma code from every commander you kill, you can use it as a resource for Enigma Machine at the main headquarters. With a simple puzzle to match the drawing pattern, you will be able to unlock important Commander locations assigned at any point in the United States. Your destination? Of course finish off every one of them. More cool, it does not have to be solved at the time of the main story, you can also finish it after the main story ends up as extra content.

Although it brings the concept of "typical" an FPS game, but Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus offers something new and different on it. The sensation of holding and firing weapons, especially with the variety of gore effects that exist, it never feels unsatisfactory. Especially if you successfully execute each of them by using your ax. If we see how much we fell in love with Tomahawk's ax in this game and Assassin's Creed 3 in the past, this seems to us, so it's a must for an action game with super-brutal animation that's "beautiful". But of course, that's not the main strength of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

Romantic, Personal

If you ask us about what makes this series fantastic and fascinating, beyond the gameplay that deserves a thumbs up, we seem to be choosing the story as one of the main attractions. Indeed, Wolfenstein was always a matter of fighting against the Nazis in an alternative historical timeline scenario. Indeed, Wolfenstein was always about taking up arms and nesting as many bullets to Nazi troops. Indeed, Wolfenstein is always a matter of enjoying a world under fascist rule with futuristic military technology. That he is a game that becomes brutality and death as the main attraction. But one thing we never predicted before? That he could end up being a story that also has a romantic and personal side.

Believe it or not, that's what happened with Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, which instantly made it into the predicate (back) as one of the best modern FPS games we've ever tasted. Machine Games experimenting to highlight Blazkowicz's character no longer merely as a special American soldier without a gap, but rather highlighting what he never noticed - the human side that he stretched. In this story, you can feel that the past has shaped him into a familiar character, while enjoying how vulnerable he is when confronted with the death of a person so praised, or confronted with the fact that his dangerous action now no longer has no consequences . She now has a lover with two twins in her belly that she should protect. This is a battle for a future that no longer merely raises the flag of the United States amid Nazi domination. But formed an "ideal" United States for the birth of two children.

In the midst of all these bloody brutal battles, you will find many romantic moments, whether in the capacity of love or friendship. There are many human things in the midst of the inhuman world offered by Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. There are many things that feel like a metaphor for positive things, amid the dark clouds of damp standing over Blazkowicz and his crew. From the action of the new leader - the black Grace with Afro hair who did not hesitate to suckle his son when talking about death and purification of the Nazi race, to the heart-to-heart talk between Anya and Blazkowicz about doubts, deaths and hopes. The human side is also increasingly fluttering after seeing that the main character you use is even able to have fun with a crazy party, in the middle of a big war.

This contrast is in our eyes, forming a personal appeal to the story and presentation of Wolfenstein II: The New Order. That each character has a unique personality that is different, not just a presentation, and strives to achieve a common goal. But on the other hand, making sure every one of them is interacting, developing a personalized relationship that is enough to make you fall in love. We see it as something extraordinary for an FPS game with brutality as the main attraction.

Frau Irene Engel is Fantastic!

Have you ever imagined a JagatPlay review series focused on not talking about the main character, but dedicating it to talking about one of the best antagonist character presentations in 2017. At least from what we've been jajal so far. That despite the ability of the Machine Games to mix the story and the characters of the protagonist with a unique personality with a personal story, no one can argue that his remarkable propulsive motion motor is the figure of the ultimate antagonist - Frau Engel.

There is something that makes this character one that will end up leaving a deep impression on your heart. On the surface, he does look cliche. A Nazi general who seems to have only one main agenda - killing anyone he thinks is worth the effort to kill. But the way the Machine Games photographing this one antagonist is worthy for thumbs up. You may end up disliking the ideology he is holding or how he can fix one problem, but Frau Engel will continue to make you shudder with fear. You will not be able to predict what he will or will not do. You will not be able to predict where exactly the "Moral" and "Mad" constraints that he has. You will not be able to stop turning your face whenever this character appears on the screen and does whatever dialogue it presents. Truly a strong character with fantastic personalities and stories.

So cool is this one character, until we are even at this point, would not mind if the Machine Games release a future spin-off series focused on discovering the youth of Frau Engel or the events that made it possible to end up being a General we know in The New Order and The New Colossus. So as it happened with Nolan's film - The Dark Knight where the Joker actually became the focus of attention because of his acting and "shining" personality, then in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, the position was replaced by Frau Engel. Everything is executed so well, from design, personality, to existing voice acts.


So, just as it did in the first series, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is a memorable FPS game. We are not just talking about how straightforward the experience he has to offer, where your mission "is simply" to finish off the Nazis in as brutally as possible. But the implementation of several new systems that also facilitate a variety of different style of play is worthy of thumbs up. On top of this solid gameplay design, born stories that on the surface may sound cliche, but carry a more cool appeal. A story that turns out to offer a personal and romantic sensation at the same time, which, of course, is quite absurd for a game with high brutality. Voice acting, memorable characters, to just the music accompaniment of the rock, it is difficult to feel not to fall in love with this one game.

Of all that he offers, we ourselves do not have much to complain about. If you have to write down one shortcoming that we often experience, then the mission indicator system is sometimes ended up frustrating. As with any modern game design in general, there will be an indicator of purpose that you can trigger to see where you should move next. But these indicators often end up appearing in a short time and look unclear. Sometimes even, it ends up unidirectional to where you want to move. A small complaint indeed, but quite annoying. Another complaint faced with an indicator about what you can actually climb / can not climb. Because sometimes pressing the jump button near the edge of a platform for example, does not always end up making Blazkowicz climb to higher ground. It would be more convenient if there are more clear indicators, such as different platform colors for example.

But beyond one such flaw, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus proves itself to be a fantastic FPS game. He is again present as an FPS game that does not carry multiplayer content, but replacing it with the content, concepts, and execution of a powerful story theme with fantastic characters, ends up offering a worthy experience that is missed. We ourselves, highly recommend it.


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