Friday, January 25, 2019

2 How to Enter Recovery or Fast Boot Without Pressing the Button

Recovery and fast booting are hidden places on Android phones, where their usefulness is like a workshop for the cellphone itself. The many tutorials on the internet teach you to enter recovery mode via the button, but actually there are other ways to do that.

There are two other ways to recover and fast boot without pressing the button again. Who knows, one of the operating buttons on cellphone doesn't work, that's why you have to use this method to get into recovery.

And take it easy, the method that will be shared here is completely safe and this is just like using a button. No need to worry about thinking about it, because everything will be fine.

1. Through the Help of the Quick Reboot Application and Terminal Emulator

So there are two applications that can help you to enter recovery easily without using the button again. Both have the same functionality, except that this requires ROOT access and it is better to choose the one that is considered the easiest and fastest.

Quick Reboot
This application only focuses on the reboot process on the cellphone, and for now there are around 6 options that can be used to replace the keys on the cellphone. Some of that can be used to turn off the cellphone, restart as usual, and not forget is to go into recovery and also fast boot.

Terminal Emulator
Unlike the Quick Reboot application, Terminal Emulator is actually an application commonly used to execute a code or script. Often used by developers to do testing or other things.

To enter recovery mode, use the following command:
reboot recovery

And to enter fast boot mode, you can use the following command:
reboot the bootloader

After typing the command, the user just simply press ENTER on the mobile keyboard and the phone will automatically restart and go to recovery or fast boot.

2. Through Computers with ADB Orders

This method is almost the same as using a terminal emulator application, it's just that to do it has a different command. The first is to make sure that the computer has ADB Driver installed. The second is to make sure USB Debugging on the phone is activated.

If both of these have been fulfilled, just immediately plug the USB cable into the computer and cellphone. Then open Command Prompt (CMD) on the computer and type the command below.

  • Enter Recovery
  • adb reboot recovery
  • Enter Fastboot
  • adb reboot fastboot

After writing one of the commands above, immediately press the ENTER button on the keyboard and after that the phone will immediately restart and enter recovery or fast boot.

In certain cases, someone who experiences the command code above does not work and the phone does not immediately reboot after pressing ENTER. This can be because the cellphone has not activated USB Debugging or the cellphone is still not read on the computer.

To find out whether the cellphone has been read, you can use the adb devices command and if the result is not empty, it means that the cellphone has been detected by the computer and can use ADB commands.


Have you found the easiest way? And if you want advice, you should use an application called Quick Reboot, it's the easiest because you don't need to type the command again and just press the menu.

But if the cellphone is still not rooted, it is forced to use the second method. If anyone wants to be asked about above, or even you have other suggestions except for the two methods above, please comment.


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