Friday, January 25, 2019

2 Ways to Enter Safe Mode on an Android Phone

For someone who often operates a computer must have understood what Safe Mode is. The problem is to improve the system without being constrained by the installed program. But the interesting thing is that the Safe Mode feature is also available for Android devices.

Safe Mode or Safe Mode available on Android almost has the same functionality as on a computer. But the features available on Android are fairly limited, which when the phone is in Safe Mode, all applications that have been downloaded will not be available temporarily.

This is very suitable for testing the performance of mobile phones, for example using Antutu Benchmark to find out the capabilities of real phones without being interrupted by other applications running in the background.

Tutorial Enter Safe Mode on Android

Most likely the Android OS that supports the Safe Mode feature starts from Lollipop and above, and some phones sometimes have different ways. Can be through a special button or immediately restart the phone to safe mode.

This article will show 2 ways to enter safe mode. Both of these methods have no risk whatsoever to do, and this can be applied to phones that have not been rooted.

1. Through the Restart Feature to Safe Mode

The first method is classified as the easiest, where the phone will restart as usual, it's just a slightly different way. Immediately see how below:

  • When the cellphone is on, hold on the power button.
  • Then long press the Power Off button that appears on the screen.
  • Then a notification will appear to restart into safe mode. Please press Ok to continue.

After the restart is complete, now your cellphone is in safe mode. But if the above method doesn't work, please follow the second method.

2. Using Special Keys

This method is almost the same as entering recovery or fast boot. Most cellphones have the same method, please see how below:

  • Turn off the cellphone first.
  • When the cellphone is turned off, please hold down the power button and continue by pressing the volume up and down buttons.
  • When the cellphone logo appears on the screen, release the power button, but do not release the volume up and down buttons until the phone has successfully booted.

Finish, when the phone boots perfectly, it means that the phone is in safe mode.

If your cellphone still doesn't work, try pressing the power button first until the screen appears, then release the power button, and continue pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.
How to find out which cellphone is in Safe Mode

When the cellphone is in safe mode, all installed applications will be temporarily removed. And in the corner of the screen an overlay "safe mode" will appear. Here are some examples of images when in safe mode.

How to Get Out of Safe Mode on Android

To exit safe mode, all you have to do is restart the phone as usual. After successfully restarting, it's a sign that the cellphone is out of safe mode. And safe mode posts in the corner will disappear.

If anyone wants to be asked or maybe you have other ways to enter safe mode on Android, please share in the comments.

Hopefully useful and good luck


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