Friday, January 25, 2019

How to access Mikrotik Winbox via an Android phone

You already know what is Winbox? It is a program that can help control the proxy router very easily. Because almost all people use the Winbox program to manage almost everything.

The Winbox program is only available for computers only and actually Mikrotik has created an application for the Android version called Tik-App, except that the Play Store still hasn't indicated that the application was fully released. But as for the application for Android as a replacement for Winbox or Tik-App which has almost the same features.

The application is called Mikro Winbox. There are many features that resemble Winbox and the good thing is that you can edit it properly in Winbox, or with the intention of not only being used for browsing.

How to access Winbox via Android

For now there are many applications like Winbox on PC for Android, but the best is Micro Winbox. This is because the application is free and does not have any restrictions. The following are the procedures for accessing Mikrotik on Micro Winbox.

    Open the Micro Winbox application and press the PLUS (+) button at the bottom right.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    In the Connect To column, fill in the router's IP address. By default it is usually

    For the Port section, make sure it is set as 8728

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    Fill in the login column with the username, by default it is admin

    Then in the Password column fill in the password that has been set, but if you have not previously set it up, just leave it blank.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android
    The last step is to press the SAVE / CONNECT button so that the configuration is saved and starts to be connected.

    Car Using Micro Winbox on Android

Once connected, you can start to set up the Mikrotik configuration just like Winbox. Like setting IP, Hotspot, Users, and so forth.

And one more thing, if you still can't connect, it could be that port 8728 hasn't been activated. And to activate it you can via Winbox on the PC first by going to Terminal and writing the command code below

/ ip service enable fire

After executing the command code above, you can start trying on Mikro Winbox on Android. Because basically the Micro Winbox application utilizes the API feature which is found on port 8728. So if the API is not activated, then Micro Winbox will not be able to connect and always timeout

Download Micro Winbox for Android

Mikro Winbox has two versions, namely free and paid. But the difference is only from the side of the ad. So when you buy the paid version, the ad will automatically be removed. And one drawback to the free version of Mikro Winbox is that there are too many ads that sometimes don't focus when setting up the router.

But still Micro Winbox does not limit all options and provides flexibility to edit everything. Unlike applications such as Tik-Tool or DroidBox that have to use the paid version to be able to edit something on the router.

To start downloading Mikro Winbox, please press on the banner below:


The link above directly leads to the Play Store for convenience and security to download the original version. And know that Blog Second does not have any ties to the application, or with the intention, this article is only for review and tutorial.


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