Friday, January 25, 2019

How to Change Text Size on an Android Phone

Many uses that can be done on an Android phone. Not only as a communication tool, but also can be used for many things such as sending money, watching videos, and reading e-books. In addition, the operation on Android phones is also fairly easy and simple.

But every Android phone doesn't have the same specifications. For example, from the screen size side. Sometimes there is a larger screen size like a tablet, and that will make writing on the cellphone smaller than before.

Smaller text or writing size will make it difficult for users to read well. Although there is already a magnification feature, but if you use it, the writing will be too large and not standard. And this article will show you how to change the size of text on Android.

Tutorial on Changing Text Size on Android

All Android phones have features to do this. The procedure is almost the same as changing the font or writing style, it's just specifically to change the size of the text and you can choose the size / size as desired.

  1. Please go to Settings, and then press on the Display menu
  2. Tap on the Font Size option
  3. Then please choose the desired size

After doing the steps above, the text size will change immediately without the need to restart the device. There are several sizes that have been provided by the system. And as a suggestion, choose a size that is considered most comfortable for reading text on a cellphone.
Why Text Size Doesn't Change in an Application?

Basically this method only aims to change the size for system applications only. So this will affect the text in applications such as contacts, messaging, calendars, and so on. But it does not rule out the possibility of working for other applications.

If an application uses the standard font used on the cellphone, the text size will also change. But if an application does not use a standard font, the text size will not change. It's as simple as a Facebook application that uses its own font, but you are still given the option to change the size of the text in Facebook settings.

Surely now you understand how to resize text on an Android phone. But you know, some applications expect users to choose the text size from the application settings themselves, or with the intention not to be in the cellphone settings.

Again, for example, like Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, and others. While applications such as notebooks, usually do not need to set something to change the size of the text, because users can immediately shrink the screen or widen to control the size of the text.


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