Friday, January 25, 2019

How to Install Applications in XAPK format on Android

Generally Android-specific applications have the APK format (Andriod Application Package), but currently there is another new format which cannot be read directly by cellphones, namely XAPK. Usually the file has a very large size.

XAPK is actually not a special format, but basically it is an archive file in the form of ZIP. Inside there are 2 types of files, namely APK and data at the same time. So there's no need to be surprised if most XAPK files have a large size compared to APK.

XAPK was first provided by the App website. it is a website that provides all kinds of games and applications. Everyone can download it without the need to enter the Play Store. And this article will provide a tutorial for integrating applications from the XAPK file.

How to Install XAPK Formatted Applications or Games

Although there are actually two ways to do this, but in this tutorial only provides the easiest method. That is with the help of an application called XAPK Installer. And the application is provided directly by the App.

So before listening to the procedure, you should first install the XAPK Installer application, which can be downloaded HERE.

  •     Make sure you have prepared the XAPK file.
  •     Open the XAPK Installer application and wait until it is detected.
  •     If the XAPK file has been detected, please press the Install option
  •     Wait for the installation process to finish.

By using the help of the XAPK Installer application, initially you will first install data from the application or game that will be installed, then in the next step will install the APK file. After that you can immediately open the application / game.


Overall, with the help of the XAPK Installer application you don't need to worry about the data that will be installed, because it will definitely be in the directory that should be. Actually it can also be installed manually with similar applications UnRar or Zarchiver, but it is a bit complicated to explain in words.

In addition, if the XAPK Installer application does not detect XAPK files on the cellphone, please press the option three button, and then select Scan SD Card, then wait for an instant and surely the XAPK file will appear and ready to be installed.

Hopefully useful and good luck


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