Friday, January 25, 2019

How to Overcome android.process.acore has stopped

On an Android phone, every time a task is stopped suddenly, the system will immediately provide a notification with the word "unfortunately the blablabla process has stopped". This can be normal if the phone runs out of free RAM. But it is not normal if it happens continuously.

The problem that many Android users experience is the emergence of a notification "Unfortunately, the process of android.process.acore has stopped" or in English is "Unfortunately, the process is android.process.acore has stopped". Although not often, this is very disturbing. But this problem can still be overcome.

So how do you handle it? This article will share some steps you can do from the easiest. If the cellphone you have is not ROOT, then you can be sure the problem is not severe.

1. There is a Problem of Compatibility with an Application

It could be that you are not aware of a recently updated application, either manually or automatically. We recommend that you know this from the Play Store in the My Apps section. The most is from Google product applications.

Please uninstall the update to the application that was updated recently and then see the results. Does the same note still appear as before? If it's no longer appearing, it's best not to update the application that was thought to be causing this problem and wait for the next update in the coming months.

2. Repeating Enter the Google Account

From a number of cases on the internet that were encountered in forums that discussed Android phones, there were dozens of people who managed to overcome this problem by repeating the Google account. So you have to log out first on your Google account and then log in again.

To exit a Google account is very easy, here are the steps.

    Go to Settings and in the Accounts section, tap the Google icon.
    Select the Google account that will be issued.
    Tap the option button on the top right and continue selecting the Remove account menu.

Exit a Google Account on Android

After the account has been issued, now you can just log in again. You must have been able to enter it. Or if it is difficult, please open the Play Store application, later it will be told to enter your Google account first.

3. Perform a Factory Reset

If the two methods above do not resolve as well, then the problem is referring to the cellphone system and the only solution is to do a full reset. This last solution is quite effective because the cellphone system will be restored to normal.

But you should know that doing this full reset has little risk, that is some things will be erased. Like files and contacts stored on phone storage. So it's best to back up the files that are important to the storage of the phone to the memory card.

Hopefully useful and good luck


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