Friday, January 25, 2019

How to Overcome Late Notifications Enter on Android

Notifications or notifications that appear on Android phones can come from all kinds of applications. Whether it's from chat applications, social media, or even games. What is certain is that this notification is very important to get on time.

Currently there are several Android phones that have problems with late notifications. This is almost the same as there is trouble operator when the SMS is late, only the difference this time is the notification of all applications.

Usually those who experience this problem, Notification will enter only when the user opens the intended application. Of course this is not normal, considering who knows that in the event of an emergency event and notification, it is even late. But don't worry, because this article will discuss to provide a solution to overcome it.

What Makes Late Notifications Enter?

There are only a few things that make notifications until late. As long as this doesn't affect the system on the cellphone, everything will be fine. But if your cellphone is already rooted and is using Custom-ROM, maybe the cause is from the ROM.

The following are the few things that cause late incoming notifications:

  •     The application does not run in the background
  •     The cellphone is using an additional notification application
  •     Autostart from an application has been turned off

Of the three things above, it still has a solution to overcome. So for now take a little time and then follow the steps below, starting from the first.

1. Lock Applications on Recent Apps

If you usually clean up recent apps, maybe that's when the application in the background is also erased. So in order not to be erased when cleaning it, please lock an application.

To lock the application, each cell has a different way. But this can be done in the Recent Apps section itself. Try to move an application to the right, left, up, or down, until a lock icon appears which means the application has been successfully locked. The following is an example of an application that was successfully locked in Recent Apps.

After the application has been locked on Recent Apps, the next step is to ensure that notifications can be entered on time.

2. Turn on Autostart on an Application

The Autostart function is useful for automatically starting application tasks in the background. If it's blocked, then the application won't run automatically. Just like setting notifications, it also requires a task that runs in the background.

Activating autostart on an application is very easy. Please go to Settings -> Applications, then press the Options button and select Auto Start Management. The last step is to tick an application that requires timely notification.

3. Turn off the Application that Requests Notification of Access Permissions

Sometimes there are applications that suddenly request permission to access notifications, and you unconsciously activate them. And it allows symptoms of late notifications to occur, because each notification is managed by another application.

To view and turn it off, go to Settings -> Security and Privacy -> Access Notifications. After that, do not check all applications that appear there.

That way, notifications now will no longer be regulated by other applications and can immediately appear without being late again.


There are three ways you can do it, try one by one and if one has succeeded, then the other ways may be ignored. Actually this will not take a long time to apply the three methods above, and what is needed most is patience. If anyone wants to be asked or maybe you have a solution other than the above, please comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck


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