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How to Register a Shutterstock Contributor

MICROSTOK SITES Is a site that provides facilities, facilities or a place for a designer to sell his work. Both in the form of vector, illustration, photos and footage. Through this microstok site we can sell our work internationally with dollar payments. So that we will automatically get passive income from the work we sell.

There are several microstok sites that we can follow or register as contributors / authors. Among them are Shutterstock, Fotolia, graphic river and 12. To register on the microstock site there is no fee, but only have different registration methods such as: upload passport / national ID card, theory test, feasibility test.

This time I want to guide you on how to register as a contributor in Shutterstock, because at Shutterstock I also first started doing business on the Microstock site and based on the amount of revenue Shutterstock was a high-paid microstock. But before registering we need to prepare a number of things, such as a Passport or national ID card. If everything is ready, let's start following the simple method.

How to Register a Shutterstock Contributor

1. The first step is to prepare Vector, Photos or Videos (depending on what you want to sell?) Please prepare with the best quality. For Vector design, you can prepare Vector which you will upload in the form of Eps.8 or Eps.10 and JPG file using the same name. But if it is a photo, then you can just upload the JPG.

2. The second step is to prepare an online payment account such as Paypall, Payooner or Skrill. If you don't have it, you can also use Via Post (in Check). In addition, if you do not have an Online Account, you can make it later after the contributor account has been approved by Shutterstock.

3. Please open the following Shutterstock Contributor registration link:
Link register : Click here to go to the Shutterstock contributor registration page

4. Then select Get Started or Sign Up or Join Now (Choose only one)

Display of Registration Page Shutterstock Contributor. Scroll down to register via Join Now.

5. After that, please write the name according to the national ID card. Alias ​​Name or Studio Name, Enter Email and Password (Note: Password must use a combination of capital letters, lowercase letters and numbers, for example: Mypass779). click the check box Then click Next.

Shutterstock contributor registration form

6. Wait a few minutes then Shutterstock Contributor will send a confirmation e-mail to you.

Notification of Email Verification Shutterstock contributors

7. Please confirm in your email by clicking on the Please Click Here to Verify your Email so that a notification appears that your email has been verified, then you will be directed to fill in the complete data on the next form.

Email from Shutterstock

Email Verification from Shutterstock

Verification Notification

8. Please complete your data in accordance with the national ID card. Then click Next.

Contributor Shutterstock Data Fill Form

9. If you have clicked Next, you will be directed to the page to upload your work. Please click Upload Images and Select Got It.

Your File Upload Button

Brief description of the category of work that can be submitted at Shutterstock

10. After that you will be directed to upload or submit your Design, Photos or Videos (Video Only Must Use FTP).

Submision Shutterstock page

How to name Vector Files that are ready to upload in Shutterstock

11. Now, please upload Vector, Photos or Footage. You can do this by clicking Select Multiple Images or Drag File to the Uploader so that it is fully uploaded as below. Then click next.

Vector that has been uploaded

12. If you have uploaded, please complete your file metadata by filling in the Description, Keyword and file categories. For Complete Completion, you can see the picture below.
Form metadata in the form of Descriptions, Categories and Keywords

13. If complete, click the submit button. Until the word "Content Submitted" appears and your file is now in the Pending Section.

Submit Notification

14. Next you have to do is wait for the review phase for 3-5 working days. Notifications about whether or not received about our registration will be sent via email. Or you can always update the Shutterstock Account dashboard to your contributors

Congrats! You Have Content Live on Shutterstock. Bla ... Bla ...

approved Shutterstock contributor account dashboard

15. If your account has been approved, it's time for you to enter the payment method by going to the Account Settings menu. In the payment method section please select Paypall, Payoner or Skrill (Choose one). Don't forget the minimum payout, please fill in the minimum payment you want.

Payment method page

16. If, your Registration or review stage does not meet the Standard of Team Shutterstock, please repeat stages 9 through 12 until your Submission is approved by Shutterstock.

Thus the steps of joining Shutterstock contributors. For those of you who want to market the image design in Shutterstock, immediately register yourself through this link: Link register
So from me, I hope this article can be useful for you.


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